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I and H BeamsThere’s an unfortunate lack of interest in beams today. It’s as if a thing becomes less cool when particles come together to form a solid material. It’s a good thing that these materials never made their money out of fame; they’re just the best at what they do. Nevertheless, there’s still some confusion around metal beams, even for people interested in them, such as the difference between and I and H.

An ‘I’ is an Upright ‘H’

Both I and H beams are structural materials made from rolled steel. These are most often used in construction for support, and shape. These are used by almost every pipe supplier as well, to serve the needs of their clients. People recognise these beams from classic cartoons, when characters walk through a construction site midway through an episode. The problem lies trying to tell the two beams apart, and this is difficult for people who don’t work with these materials every day.

To the untrained eye, H and I beams look the same; both beams have a web cross section with two flanges on either end. The H beam has wider flanges, almost equal in length to the cross section, making it look like the letter ‘H’. On the other hand, the I beam has shorter, tapered flanges, resembling the letter ‘I’ when stood upright.

The Structural Difference of ‘I’ and ‘H’

It’s important to know the difference between these two beams, because even though these look almost the same, these perform very differently in their jobs. Due to the wider flanges of the H beam, it’s able to support and balance more weight, becoming the favourite of many engineers. Nonetheless, the added material makes it a heavier implement, which is a disadvantage in certain situations.

Knowing which beam to use can only come from experience in the field, and every project is too important to dedicate to trial and error. There are ways for engineers to determine which materials are best for which situations, but explaining them would involve large parts of that four-year course. It’s best to trust that the professionals know what they’re doing, and staying out of their way when things get technical.

Plumbing ProblemsFixing petty plumbing problems on your own is practical, especially if you have the right tools. For more serious issues, however, calling in professionals is a more effective solution. Before you dial their number, it’s better that you already know what the specific issues are and where to locate the main source.

Hiring professionals can solve your piping problems effectively. The leak detection Perth plumbers provide, along with other services, are thorough. But knowing where these issues start can help you prevent it from occurring and lessen your expenses in the future.


Toilet leaks are one of the most common plumbing problems. It can waste the same amount of water that fills a swimming pool in a year. The toilet itself doesn’t suffer from wear and tear, but the parts inside it do. You can verify leaks if the water in the bowl is coloured.


Clogs don’t happen just in the sink; the drains in your showers can get clogged due to the hair and soap residue that fills it over time. You can avoid getting your feet flooded by picking up these things before you take a bath. You can use a dry or wet vacuum to clear up the surface and shallow part of the drain.


Not all houses have their laundry connected to the plumbing system. But for those who do, hose burst is a common problem. Damaged hoses can flood your basement. That is why you always have to check its condition. See if there are signs of blisters and cracks or worn out steel fittings and screws.


Of course, plumbing problems usually occur in one of your favourite parts of the house. The pipes under the kitchen sinks are prone to damage because of the different solids and substances that you drain it down. Make sure it doesn’t easily clog or stick with others to cause clogging.

Learning a few basics about the plumbing system can help you gain more savings. For serious issues, however, it’s better to contact the professionals.

Limit of AccusationTime heals all wounds, and in the legal world, it can also make career-destroying allegations go away. Prosecutors denied to file a case against the recently embattled comedian Bill Cosby for an alleged molestation of a minor back in 1974.

The Limit of Accusation

More than fifteen women have come forward with stories of molestation and rape against a man who was once seen as a father figure in American entertainment. While the allegations seriously damaged Cosby’s reputation and endangered the remainder of his career, there haven’t been any charges filed.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t merit to any of the cases, but the charges simply come at a time when it’s too late for anyone to be able to do anything. This is known as the statute of limitations; lawyers from explain it as a time limit set for victims of crime to report their grievances to the police. This is a legal device present in nearly all codes around the world, and is essential for two reasons.

The Requirements of Accusing

First, the time limit spurs victims to inform the police and other authorities as soon as possible so that they can conduct a proper investigation into the allegations. Second, it protects individuals from undue stress of receiving random accusations of crimes made difficult to verify because of time. The time limit varies upon the crime, and the circumstances included in the allegation. More often than not, the count begins when the crime is committed, or when a victim becomes aware of the crime.

For example, a man was assaulted and fell into a coma for ten years. The man can still file a case against the alleged attacker because the statute of limitations only began to count when he woke up and was informed of what happened – assuming the culprit was still at large. This isn’t the case with many of the allegations against Cosby.

A Call Too Late

Most of the women cite incidences that are decades old, way beyond what even the longest limitations would allow. There is no way to verify anything they say, and it’s hard to believe any witness testimony can be accurate more than thirty years after the fact.

It’s a sad truth if the stories of these women are true, but there’s nothing much that can be done at this point. Unless Cosby signs a confession, or multiple witnesses testify to the same facts, there’s little to be done about any of their cases.

Child CustodyThere’s no doubt that divorce will be painful, but the process can be even more difficult when children are involved. Regardless of their age, kids would certainly feel sad, uncertain, angry or confused when they realize that mom and dad are splitting up. Studies show that one out of every two marriages in America today ends in divorce, and many of those couples have children.

Child custody can be overwhelming, both financially and emotionally. Even Hollywood celeb’s custody battles, such as Halle Barry and Gabriel Aubry and Usher and Tameka Foster, are not that simple. As it’s one of the most heated litigations, many parents make mistakes in handling their case.

Not Hiring a Reputable Lawyer

An experienced family lawyer will be your secret weapon if you’re facing child custody issues. Look for someone who can strive to give you the best possible results. A top law firm, WTB LAW, shares that a knowledgeable attorney can assist you regardless of the circumstances of your case. It’s best to not take action without legal advice. You should schedule a consultation and evaluation of your custody case to avoid costly mistakes.

Posting Inappropriate Content on Social Media

Sure, checking your Facebook and Twitter is part of your daily routine, but that does not mean you have to share your problems with the public. During the custody case, avoid posting inappropriate content on social media. It can be posts about drinking alcohol, gambling or using drugs. Many parents have already made a mistake of showing on Facebook that they are an unfit parent. Don’t let the stress of divorce ruin your relationship with the kids.

Forcing Kids to Make Custody Decisions

Divorce and child custody are a complex process, so don’t place your children in the middle of a dispute. Start by not asking them where they prefer to live. Doing so only worsens the pressure and stress on the children.

Signing an Agreement Without Understanding it

Divorce and the custody case can cloud your mind, preventing you from thinking and seeing things clearly. Before you sign a legal agreement, step back, breathe, and think clearly. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your decisions.

Stressful and mind-boggling —this is what you will feel when you’re facing legal and financial issues, while doing everyday work and handling parenting demands. But, avoiding these common mistakes can help ensure a great outcome. They can help you on your way to recovery and less regrets.

Cleaning the OfficeDid you know that clutter negatively affects productivity? Yes, the amount of stuff you have in your office have a say on how well your staff performs. At the same time, it also has a negative impact on your business image, as cluttered office spaces fail to look professional.

As such, there’s a need for businesses to purge the office from time to time and declutter. How do you do that effectively? Check out these five simple techniques:

Start Fresh

Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply reorganise the way your office looks. In this case, your best move is to start from scratch. This is the perfect time to haul all your items to a storage facility, so as to provide a fresh perspective on how you’ll rethink the office’s layout.

You don’t even have to worry about the number of computers, printers, or whatnots you have. According to Integrated Container Logistics, storage facilities in Australia have containers that can hold as much as five rooms’ worth of items.

Make an Inventory

A cramped office space means one thing: you have way too many items for the space. This means you probably have boxfuls of unused items you can throw away. This is why you have to make an inventory of everything you own so you can decide which items need to go. You’ll probably find piles of documents you no longer need that can give the office more breathing room.

Create Zones

One reason your office looks cluttered is because it doesn’t have enough zoning distinction. Every space has its tiny subdivisions. There has to be space for the rows of computers your employees use, as well as maybe a nook for documents and a place for the water cooler. When you have zones, it’s easier to move around.

Establish a Flow

The true secret in decluttering lies in the way you build a natural flow in the office. This means you have to think about the office’s overall layout – from how the employees will walk from the door to their desk to the way you address everyone during quick meetings and announcements. Organise the room in such a way that everything appears clean and streamlined.

Hide the Cables

Most people fail to see it, but cable management is actually important. It’s about time you tie all those wires and RJ-11 cables together and hide them. These cords simply add visual clutter when left disorganised.

Your office doesn’t have to look and feel cramped. Work your way to a cleaner, more professional-looking space with these five tips.

detect sleep apnoeaSleeping is associated with a state of muscle relaxation and limited perception of environmental stimuli. When you are awake, the air circulation is constant and muscles keep the airway stiff and open to ensure smooth airflow in and out of the lungs. Nevertheless, the muscles may become relaxed, causing the throat to narrow and constrict the air passages when the body is at rest.

If the airway is partially or fully blocked during sleep, loud snoring and a drop in blood oxygen level may occur. This may then result in sleep apnoea. This type of disorder is customary and needs immediate attention.

What is Sleep Apnoea?

A disorder that creates one or more pauses of shallow breathing during sleep. It reverberates a loud noise normally compared to a piercing snort or choking sound.

Indications of Sleep Apnoea?

Given that snoring is its basic warning, which you cannot determine whilst asleep, the fastest way to identify this condition may include:

  • Insomnia
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Morning headaches
  • Awakening with a dry mouth or sore throat
  • Impaired mental or emotional functioning
Who to ask for treatments?

Treatment preferences may vary depending on the severity condition of the patient. Dental practitioners like those from Portobello Dental Clinic noted that such disorder may be treated painlessly without permanent changes to the body. It repositions the jaw and the tongue to adjust airways from the mouth into the lungs.

Severe conditions may call for more aggressive management, which may involve the use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) system. This device goes through a small mask that applies constant pressure to keep the airflow open, and may undergo surgery if necessary.

People may tolerate this anxiety, as it may seem like a normal thing that a human body does. Nonetheless, visiting the nearest dental centre or asking a dentist regarding this disorder is still advisable.

Freedom can mean different thiApartmentngs to different people. For one person, it could mean doing anything they want; for another, it is about being able to do what everyone else can without ridicule. Whatever the word means to each individual, they can all agree that it is a lessening of restrictions, and no industry appreciates that more than housing.

It’s a Student’s Life

For anyone too young or too poor to have their own accommodations, finding a place that enforces minimum restrictions is not easy. There are always rules about pets, noise, and personal space in almost every apartment and condominium building in London. Of course, some rules need to be in place, but some places take it to the point where people need to apply complete lifestyle changes just to comply.

Ask any student looking for accommodation in London, and they will be looking for a different situation. University students have schedules to keep and assignments to keep up with; they just cannot afford to make significant changes to their day.

The situation puts students in a bit of a bind, as most of the places that provide housing near will not give much leeway in pursuing their studies. Nevertheless, what kind of considerations are students looking for?

The Struggles are Real

The facilities that students want are simple, and should not be a problem for any property owner. For starters, a tenant’s ability to choose if they want to cook for themselves or not is always an issue. Many places in London are scared to death of getting caught on fire, and put strict guidelines on anything that make can spark a flame.

This is bad news for vegetarians who like pesto pasta, and students who bake on the side to make a little extra money to pay for rent. In just two simple examples people can see that restrictive measures put undue pressure on a person’s way of life.

Bath time is a fun ritual for many kidsbath toys. Playing with rubber duckies while splashing some bubbles is probably one of the best things children look forward to. When designing your kids’ bathroom, it’s important to make it work for them.

Having a kid friendly bathroom is about convenience and safety. Below are some tips in designing your kids’ bathroom:

 Safety Should be the First Thing on Your Mind

Though most bathrooms are small, they’re among the most dangerous areas in a house. If you’re considering some home improvements, make sure to install grab bars when you renovate your kids’ bathroom. A well-placed grab bar can reduce the risk of slipping. Place grab bars in the tub, shower and beside the toilet.

For countertops and other equipment, go for rounded corners. A basin with wall-hung models must be firmly installed, as little ones may be tempted to swing off the edge of it, causing it to fall on them.

 A Great Theme Means Fun

Most kids love water-inspired themes, while others prefer jungle themes and some like bright blossoms. Ask your little ones about their preference and start transforming their dull bathroom. Make their walls fun by painting an accent wall in a bright colour.

Accessibility is Important

Consider your kids’ height when creating a design. As children grow, they want to reach everything on their own. Make sure their toiletries are easy for them to reach. You should also add a solid wood step stool, so they can use it while they brush their teeth or wash their hands. You should also lower your towel racks and hooks, so they can hang up their washcloths and towels on their own.

 Personalised Storage Helps Your Kids be Responsible

Teach your kids to take responsibility by personalising all their stuff – from towels and step stools to storage buckets and toiletry bags. Put their names on these items, so they’ll have a sense of ownership, helping them keep their things together.

Bath toys should be kept organised between baths. Store them in an open bin. A resin is a great option as it’s water-resistant.

By incorporating these ideas into your design, you’ll have a kid-friendly bathroom your children will surely love.

wet floorSafe Work Australia says slips, falls, and trips are the second most common causes of serious injury claims. Based on its 2013 key statistics, they account for 21.2% of serious claims.

With these figures in mind, it becomes clear that workplaces need to take steps to prevent such accidents from happening. Of course, it all begins with the design of the workplace. For a slip and fall-free workplace, it’s a must for companies to follow these recommendations.


In terms of floor design, the simpler, the better. As much as possible, there should be little to no changes in the floor level in every storey. If ever these level changes are inevitable, ramps are a lot better than steps. The slopes of ramps should not go over the recommended ratio of 1:12.

The floor should have the right concrete floor coating for a more slip-resistant surface. When there are areas that use different floor coatings, every employee should be aware of the difference.


Illumination in every area should never go below 100 Lux. Be it in corridors, stairways, walkways, lifts, and rooms, the lighting must be adequate for every employee. It will also help to put some lights on warning signs.


For stairs, every step should be uniform in all dimensions. The distance between steps should be reasonable enough – neither too low nor too high. Trips occur more frequently on risers that are less than 75 mm or higher than 175 mm.

Landing surfaces are also essential every after 16 steps. Handrails are debatable, although its addition will certainly help promote safety.


Every business should have adequate room for storage to avoid cramped up workplaces. When an area is too packed, chances are the boxes would make their way into the hallway and reduce the walking room of employees.

The design may not seem like a big deal, but it is a major contributor to the prevalence of workplace accidents. The right office design – paired with proper training and policies – could definitely bring down the accident statistics to zero.

Video ConferencingIn an industry full of competitive businesses, everything should be fast-paced. Nobody wants to fall between the cracks, as everyone is striving to be on top, and stay on top. With the rise of diverse computer-generation, companies have joined the bandwagon of developing and refining their strategies to provide first-class services to customers.

Information is attainable with just a click of a button. Take business communications as an example; says the service of video conferencing has become a better tactic in gaining a wider audience and establishing stronger relationships.

What is video conferencing?

The innovative method is a process of conducting a real-time conference between two or more individuals at different sites to transmit audio and video data. Most companies organize their meetings in secluded rooms to discuss the status of their corporation. Nevertheless, when circumstances arise, not everyone can participate, resulting in inoperative conclusions.

Two types of video conferencing

There are two ways of using this method. First, point-to point (two person) system, where you will need to obtain a camera, microphone and speakers to perform this procedure. As the conversation begins, the system will channel it to the network and whatever images appear from the screen, will be displayed from the monitor of the other participant. It is more of a video call.

The second method is the Multipoint system. It can acquire two or more members participate in a virtual conference by way of sitting next to each other in a discussion.

Why is it better?

Video conferencing may save travel time and money, resulting in better productivity and distribution. Participants can listen, see, and communicate with other members both verbally and visually, creating a real-time face-to-face experience with less difficulty.

Technology undeniably plays a vital role in the modern form of professional development. It will continue to grow and provide both producers and consumers innovative ways of creating mechanism. It is essential to use these modern strategies to have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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