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Plant nurseryEvery sixth grader knows (hopefully), how photosynthesis works. Plants take in light energy, usually from the sun, to convert into food for itself. A simple mechanism’s that’s been around since long before people even existed. But are there types of light or colors that make photosynthesis work better?

A growing industry in LED grow lights is prompting further research into the subject, and make artificial light more viable for plants. Whenever scientists conduct experiments with photosynthesis, they do so with green light. This is because green light was thought to be the color that elicits the least reaction from plants since leaves reflected the color.

See the Light

The sensitivity of light – and a human’s ability to detect it – is measured in nanometers (nm). The visible light spectrum runs in wavelengths from 380 nm to 750 nm, but this varies from person to person, usually manifesting in color blindness. Photosynthesis is driven by something called Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR); this is the region of the visible light spectrum that drives the most reaction from plants. The PAR region varies slightly from plant to plant as well, but the general working area goes from 400 nm to 700 nm.


Wavelengths outside of the PAR also affect plants through a process called photomorphogenesis. This process affects the morphology, cell structure, function, and biochemistry of the plant. The effects of different wavelengths on plants are complex and proving to be one of the most interesting facets of the study emerging in botany.

A Whole New World

Trying to determine which specific spectrum of light drives photosynthesis mostly depends on a number of factors that make people have to use charts. Spectrum absorption is different for chlorophyll molecules, extracted chloroplasts, and plant leaves.

In studies wherein chlorophyll was used, the spectrum reacted most to the wavelengths around the extremes of the visible light spectrum. This is why LED grow light kits are often fitted with red and blue lights.

Some scientists do like to caution people that these studies still don’t show what and how much light radiation plants actually absorb or need to absorb. But as the scientific understanding to the light spectrum grows, so do the chances of improving mankind’s ability to grow and care for plants.

expert website designerBeing a web designer is more than just knowing how to build a good website. There are a lot more skills needed for you to become one of the best business website designers. Also, you need to keep yourself updated on current trends, not just about web design, but also SEO.

Here are some of the qualities you need to build.

Unique Style

Beyond the knowledge, your own style must be seen in your designs. This is what makes designers stand out and gets businesses to trust them. To be different from others, you simply must have your own style, believe in it, and stick to it. Build your own signature style and get that distinction from others.

Communication Skills

You need strong communication skills. Your audience must get your message just by looking at your design. Moreover, being a good listener seals the deal. You will talk to different clients and you must listen attentively to give them exactly what they want. Understand them and give them the impression that you can further develop their ideas.

Time Management

You should manage your time effectively. Every project has a deadline and you must stick to them. Be conscious of the amount of time things take you, and always try to finish your work before the deadline. This gives you room to correct possible errors and leaves a good impression.

Social Media Marketing

Your knowledge of computers, HTML, and CSS are not enough these days. You need to know all the social media sites and their various uses. These sites have millions of users that will help the marketing side of companies. Most online businesses share their products and news on social media sites, so you must know how to incorporate that to your designs.

There might be no right or wrong web design, but there is an impressive and effective one. Know these techniques and qualities to be considered a great web designer.

happy vacationTravelling is always an experience of a lifetime. Exploring the wonders of nature or the beauty of famous cities always brings a breath of fresh air. It’s also a great way to meet new people and build connections. You can stay in some of the world’s most unique accommodations without spending a fortune. They are called vacation apartment rentals, similar what Chasely Apartments offers.

Searching for an Apartment

One fun thing about vacation accommodation in Toowong is that you can find a place that matches your travel style. Run an online search prior to going out of town. There are different apartments available in different neighbourhoods with different price ranges. Find a place that’s big enough to fit your group and suits your budget and style.

Check the Calendar

Most websites offering vacation apartment rentals have an availability calendar listing the dates that have already been booked. Check if the place is free on your required dates.

Make Contact

Find a site where you can personally get in touch with someone who can help you personalise your stay. Some sites offer extensive submission forms where you can add details on the length of your stay and number of guests.

The Arrival

Arrange a meet-up in advance prior to your arrival and get the mobile number of the person who will welcome you. Once you get to the apartment, familiarise yourself with any rules the place may have.

Enjoy Your Stay

The beauty of renting an apartment when travelling is that you get to plan it yourself. It’s a great experience for an independent, budget-minded traveller. Relax in the apartment after a long day of exploring the city.

Sometimes, the unconventional can surprise you. Try staying at a vacation apartment during your next getaway and you just might find it exciting and enjoyable.

Image by Louis Du Mont | Flickr

Image by Louis Du Mont | Flickr

The Washington Post and the Guardian won the Pulitzer Price for public service journalism for their coverage of the National Security Agency’s spying.

Efforts of the brave newspapers

The decision to honor NSA stories makes a strong declaration about the importance of discussing worldwide spying.

The Pulitzer committee praised the Guardian, as it helped “through aggressive reporting to spark a debate about the relationship between the government and the public over issues of security and privacy.”

Washington Post’s stories, on the other hand, were “marked by authoritative and insightful reports that helped the public understand how the disclosures fit into the larger framework of national security.”

Snowden-related reporting

The awards are given by the Columbia University journalism school.

The Guardian and Washington Post’s coverage were based on files leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Boston Globe also acquired the top price for breaking news reporting.

Reporting the complicated leaked documents was really a team effort, with many writers and editors involved.

Corner wallOther than the furniture, another important aspect of interior designing and decorating is the coat of paint used for every room. The choice of shade can spell the difference between a home that’s refreshed and renewed, and one that needs constant upgrade.

The idea of repainting an entire home, however, can be challenging to many owners in Australia. Add to that the many myths that people have grown to believe are true. Professional interior and exterior painters in Perth shed the truth behind some misconceptions about proper house painting:

White is the go-to colour if you’re afraid of choosing the wrong shade

You only need to stick with white if it’s the colour that really brings out the best in your overall design. Otherwise, you can consult expert commercial or residential painters who can provide colour consultations. You can also purchase small paint samples, paint them over small white boards, and pin them on your wall. This will allow you to observe how these colours change with everyday natural light.

Painting a ceiling creates an illusion of a smaller-looking room

Compared to common ceiling colours like light beige or fresh cream, people tend to think that sky blue gives off a “further away” feel. That’s why choosing a sky blue paint for your ceiling can actually make the room look taller. Choose a medium shade for the walls and a shade or two darker for the ceiling.

Dark colours make rooms look small and stuffy

Bold colours are for homeowners wanting to make a statement. But they don’t always create a smaller-looking room. These colours add personality to any room, especially if you own light-coloured furniture, floors, and fixtures.

If you have children, expect to have marked-up walls all the time

This isn’t true. Choose paint that contains Microlinx technology, as this provides a beautiful decorative finish in addition to its enhanced durability that can stand up to repeated washing without fading. Go for one that has a matte finish, so you can enjoy that soft look.

Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane, AustraliaToowong is an inner suburb of Brisbane, the name of which comes from an Aboriginal word describing a bird or its call, possibly a Koel, a species of Cuckoo, which lives in the area. Toowong is a residential suburb with many beautiful attractions. Accommodation options in Toowong include villas, apartments in riverside high-rises and holiday rentals that showcase the beautiful city views.

If you are planning a visit to Brisbane soon, find accommodations in Toowong close to all public transport so you can make the most of your time. Below are some of the top tourist destinations in Toowong you shouldn’t miss:

Toowong Cemetery

The cemetery is an expanse of trees and grass, slanting up from the busy freeway into residential neighbourhoods. It’s a beautiful and tranquil place during the day with a lot of history, so many tourists go there.

Some people say that Toowong Cemetery is the last resting place of the notorious Jack the Ripper. This has never been confirmed. The most popular resident, however, is Patrick Mayne, a wealthy landowner and suspected mastermind of one of the city’s most shocking murders.

Mount Coot-tha

Mount Coot-tha, also known as “One Tree Hill” boasts of spectacular panoramic views of Brisbane. You’ll definitely appreciate the series of terraces and enjoy the cool breeze as you treat yourself with ice cream from Kuata Cafe. Visit the famous Summit Restaurant and buy souvenir items from a gift shop nearby.

Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens

This garden with over 5,000 plant species is located at the foot of Mount Coot-tha. The gardens have excellent walking trails and breathtaking views. You’ll find rock paintings and beautiful tree carvings on the Aboriginal art trail as well.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Found in the Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens, this planetarium features informative and entertaining programs perfect for everyone. The Planetarium facilities include Display Zone, Cosmic Sky dome, a mini Theatre and more.

From accommodations like Inn on the Park, to an ice cream treat from Kuata Cafe, to an educational trip to Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, Toowong truly has so much to offer.

Office cubicleSpending most of your time at your office makes it all the more important to have an efficient workspace. Still, in an era of confined cubicles and large pieces of furniture, small office spaces can sometimes hinder cubicle clarity and productivity.

Regardless of how small your rented office space is, don’t let compact working space get you down. Here are some tips on making the most out of that space.

Vertical and underneath

Think beyond the horizontal and flat concept, and make the most of your office space by storing your items underneath and vertically. Set up floating shelves, mount storage cabinets to the wall, or setup storage shelves underneath your desk. This will make your office space look taller and wider, resulting in a more purposeful and compact workplace.

Let go of that big desk dream

Use small scale furniture. Small offices tend to get much smaller if you use big desks. Instead, go for a small workstation, one with a few cabinets and a wide tabletop. As you keep almost everything on your computer anyway, there’s no need to buy huge pieces that would only take up too much space.

Clean your space

Decluttering your space can go a long way. Apart from slowing you down physically, clutter also slows down your work mentality. Your office desk is not a place for your action figures or statuettes. Instead, it’s a space where you convey a sense of purpose and stimulate your creative ideas. Feature a few cognitive displays – idea starters associated with your work – for improved productivity.

Be tech-savvy

Rely less on papers and depend more your computers. This will help reduce the number of huge filing cabinets and drawers, making your office appear more spacious because of less furniture.

Your office deserves thorough planning, regardless of how big or small the space is. By setting up a productive office space, you will improve your work culture, thus opening more opportunities for your employees and your entire company.

metal cuttingManufacturing equipment needs precision to render high quality results. Creating machine parts out of raw materials is a challenging task. It goes through a long process of cutting and milling to shape the equipment into the specifications.

Here’s why you need precision cutting tools:

Some Parts are Unavailable in Hardware Stores

Do you know how machine parts come to be? They first come as raw materials like metal sheets. The complex laser cutting from Detroit contractors form the raw materials into what you know as tools from hardware stores. Some machine parts are difficult to find or are simply unavailable in stores. You need them premade by sending the specifications to your contractor. The details should include the size, dimension, and weight of the parts needed.

Every Second is Important for your Production Processes

Every second counts, especially if your business deals with large batch productions. You don’t want interruptions on your production processes. Production is a highly important factor to determine the competitive advantages of a machine part. This means safety and low quality cutting tools must not affect your productivity. This is why you need high-quality precision cutting technology, as you’ll reduce production time and perform multiple operations in one cutting.

Inaccurate Cut Costs You a Large Amount of Money

Creating machine parts out of raw materials can be costly if the product turns out to have the wrong sizes or dimensions. You have to ensure you have the right measurements for it to be cut precisely. Preventing wastage of raw materials is possible if you have cutting equipment capable of rendering precise measurements.

Advanced laser cutting techniques deliver capabilities needed to meet client demands. Whenever a man and machine must collaborate, you also need to practice special safety measures, and one of these is getting precision laser cutting technology.

man drivingThe showbiz world is full of surprising and peculiar moments, which is why it’s always part of the news. Apart from the award-winning movies of the year, another kind of showbiz-related news items that appear in the media involve the different legal troubles of celebrities.

At this time, perhaps, Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber’s case is the most popular. A few months ago, Bieber was arrested for three different charges in just one incident: resisting arrest, driving under the influence of alcohol, and driving without a valid license.

Going beyond news items like this as a form of entertainment, the legal blunders of famous personalities are also a source of valuable lessons.

The law is there for a reason

Every state imposes a traffic-related law for a reason. Primarily, lawmakers craft these statutes with the benefit of the greater good in mind. When a policy imposes a 40 mph limit on a certain strip of road, that’s because the location is potentially dangerous if you go beyond that speed.

Looking back at the case of Justin Bieber, he was participating in a race – with the cars speeding at 55-60 mph on a 30 mph road – and even closed the streets to do so. With this action, the star has clearly violated multiple laws already, and the speeding issue alone was already enough for a misdemeanor.

The law can be questioned

Much like Bieber’s case, you can argue a case in court to dispute traffic violation penalties. There may be a law in place, but depending on the circumstances, a case could be unique on its own characteristics – in legal terms, sui generis. With that said, you could enlist the help of a lawyer to dismiss the case, or at least lessen the penalties involved.

The law is still superior

Whatever happens in a case, the law will still prevail. Regardless of the outcome, you would have to face it. While you certainly have the chance to appeal the decision to a higher court, the law will still have the final say in the matter.

To continue with the Bieber analogy, the teen star might just face jail time or community service, depending on what the court issues. Although he can certainly contest it again, the ultimate decision is still with the judge.

The ultimate lesson in driving is still to obey the law. When you observe the right way to drive on a road, you wouldn’t have to worry about penalties, tickets, and remarks on your driving history.

Garden pathOne of the ideal ways to make the front or backyard appealing is to set up a landscape. Many professional garden designers are in-demand among homeowners, as they have the expertise to transform a dull, boring space into a paradise. Landscapes involve different elements, including pathways, which you might want to work on.

Pathway vs Walkway

Pathways are mainly for recreational purposes because you can go near the plants and garden pond. The purpose of walkways, on the other hand, is to lead you to a specific area of the house, like the gate or front door. Understanding the difference between the two will help you understand the designing process better.

Pathway Preparation

Home improvement sites, such as HGTV and BHG, and garden designers like Oakleigh Manor find it important to evaluate the land and foot traffic before starting the project. The land should be firm to avoid it from sinking due to weather conditions. Pathways are up to three feet wide and are smaller, unlike walkways. If you think it will have high foot traffic, it’s ideal to use solid materials like stones and concrete for better maintenance.

Pathway Materials

These depend on the theme and effect you want for your landscape. Here are some examples:

  1. Gravel – This loose material is ideal if your house isn’t always experiencing heavy snow, as it’s difficult to clean up. It may not be a good choice for those who use canes and walkers, though. The small, crushed rocks might make it difficult to walk straight.
  2. Stone – Big stone pebbles can make the landscape fun and exciting, as the gaps will make you skip every step. It’s easy to install and you can create any type of path, from curved to zigzag, for a remarkable aesthetic appeal.

Pathways can improve the appearance and function of your landscape. Look for expert garden designers to draft the layout and create an ideal recreational space for the family.

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