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googlelogoGoogle Inc. has expressed their plans to reveal on Wednesday at least one set-top box and new Android software for TVs, resembling products like the Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Apple Inc’s Apple TV, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Google Set-Top Box

Google would make another shot in taking advantage of the potential market of the television.

Citing two sources who have seen the product, the newspapers said the set-top box will be powered by Google’s new Android TV software. They said it was designed for watching movies, playing games and other television content. The equipment, however, would be listed under another brand name of the company.

Google representatives were not available as of press time.

A Space On TV

Various tech companies like Microsoft Corp and Apple were vying for a space on the television arena.

In 2007, Apple introduced a $99 Apple TV set-top box, a result of a ”hobby.” Amazon revealed a $99 video streaming device called, Fire TV last April, hoping to boost the online retail business for a longer period.

Experts say the reason behind this move to conquer the television arena is because television is still considered as a top family entertainment. It was the common place for leisure activities before the dawn of smartphones and tablets.

buildingThe strength of glass offers endless benefits to humans, such as a protection from external elements. The transparency of the material, on the other hand, allows light to pass through—letting light reach otherwise gloomy areas of your house. With all the benefits you get from using glass materials, there are some things you might not know about this type of material.

Here are three things you may not know about glass:

1. Using glass can make your house seem larger.

The secret to opening up space in your home–or making it seem more spacious–is eliminating visual obstructions by replacing them with glass, according to Perth City Glass. Your solid walls, fences and partitions are forms of enclosure that limit movements around the house, and disrupt the design flow. You can avoid this by installing glass fences or screens. These alternative setups provide superb protection while creating the illusion of space.

2. Glass is not a liquid at all.

There are misconceptions that a glass material is composed of liquid particles. In reality, glass is not a liquid. It is a special kind known as an amorphous solid, a state of matter where the atoms and molecules are locked into place. The molecules arrange themselves randomly instead of forming neat and orderly crystals. With this, glass becomes mechanically rigid like solids while characterized by the messy arrangement of molecules like liquids.

3. Tiny cracks toughen up glass.

Glass with intricately etched micropatterns is found to be tougher than regular glass, according to a report by Francois Barthelat and his colleagues. With these kind of structures, “cracks are unable to spread rapidly because they are forced to travel along interlocking channels that are criss-crossed by proteins holding the structure.” In fact, glass which is as brittle as the enamel on your teeth can be built to last a lifetime. Even with tiny cracks, glass can withstand a lot of pressure.

Glass plays an important role in our households, cars, and other belongings. Understanding glass lets you see it through another perspective and with higher regard. Where you used to doubt the wisdom of using it for partitions and other uses in your home, you now find renewed confidence in this unassuming material.

fruit and vegetables wholesaleThe key foundation of a healthy diet is moderation. The adequate amount of food greatly depends on you and your overall eating habits. It includes watching your portion sizes, getting the nutrients you need, and staying close to your calorie target.

What Moderation is All About

Some people think eating in moderation means consuming less food. Others associate it with restrictive eating or tasteless food selections. Moderation, however, means eating less unhealthy choices and taking in more healthy food.

This does not mean eliminating the foods you like, though. If you eat extra calories in the morning or afternoon, balance it out by eating a lighter meal in the evening. It is advisable to buy wholesale fresh fruit and vegetables as well to be sure you can serve a portion readily.

Do Not Ban Foods

Banning certain foods may cause you to crave more and eventually give in later. If you like eating unhealthy food items, it is better to reduce their portion sizes and eat them on rare occasions only. Through this, you may find yourself craving for such foods less and consider them as occasional indulgences.

People who eat what they like, when they like are likely to achieve better balance. This is because they avoid overeating that usually happens when you do not listen or follow the natural appetite signals. This, however, does not mean that you should eat chocolate cake whenever you want, however; choose good quality chocolate in controlled amounts.

Watch out the Servings

When eating at restaurants or fast food stores, it is best to choose a starter meal and avoid supersized meals. When dining at home, serve in smaller plates and consider serving sizes in realistic terms. If you still feel hungry after finishing a meal, add leafy veggies or fresh fruits.

Start by including more vegetables in your meal or packing healthier lunches instead of eating out at fast food restaurants. If you still want to, choose your foods carefully and order items that are low in calories, fat, or sodium.

Eating in moderation is all about changing your diet. It involves considering food choices that will satisfy you to achieve self-control with your eating habits.

Baristas_first_starbucksStarbucks has announced its plans to give US workers an opportunity to earn an online college degree, an unusual employee benefit in an industry where higher education is difficult to reach.

Education matters

The US coffee chain is partnering with Arizona State University to make bachelor’s degree affordable to its employees who work at least 20 hours a week.

The annual fee for online courses at the university can go beyond $10,000.

After they have finished their college degree, the Starbucks staffs have the freedom to choose which company to work for.

‘Best investment Starbucks can make’

The Starbucks College Achievement Plan highlights the dilemma of many employees who earn low salaries and don’t have much job security.

“There’s no doubt, the inequality within the country has created a situation where many Americans are being left behind. The question for all of us is, should we accept that, or should we try and do something about it,” said Howard Schultz, the chairperson and president at Starbucks, in a statement.

“Supporting our partners’ ambitions is the very best investment Starbucks can make. Everyone who works as hard as our partners do should have the opportunity to complete college, while balancing work, school and their personal lives.”

disinfectantIn all medical practices, preventing infectious diseases is always a challenge you should face. Not doing so will lead your business to a lot of risks. Your employees and patients alike will be susceptible to illnesses and you’ll be accountable if something happens to them. Don’t lose credibility by neglecting to buy disinfectants and cleaning materials necessary for your certain medical field. Here are some of the most effective ones.


OPTIM 33 TB is a disinfectant that can kill non-enveloped viruses in a minute. This is important and relevant in all industries. Its fast contact time increases the chances of it being effective in disinfecting viruses. Unlike most disinfectants, this one doesn’t have any lingering alcohol smell or strong chemical odor. In fact, it has the lowest toxicity level based on the EPA toxicity categorization of antimicrobial products. It doesn’t have the precautionary warning label because of this. Talk about effective and safe.

VistaBrite Water Treatment

VistaBrite is a water filtration system that lessens contaminants present in water which can adversely impact instruments processed in washers. Removing these contaminants greatly decreases spotting and maintenance requirements to keep the parts clean. The system has two parts: the prefilter and hyperfiltration membrane. The higher the water pressure is, the higher resulting water quality will be.


AquaStat is a compact water distiller that turns tap water into vapor, killing 99% of contaminants. This includes copper, lead, arsenic, nitrates, aluminum, iron, pesticides, herbicides, and more. Just plug the AquaStat into an outlet, fill with soft or hard water, and switch it on. This results to pure water that’s essential for autoclave sterilization. It can make a gallon of distilled water in just a little over four hours.

Don’t let any complains arise from your employees or patients. Research about the infection control products you need for your office so you could ensure their safety. Save yourself from a lot of hassle because prevention is always better than cure.

Doctor looking at X-Ray scansHaving a career in the healthcare industry is challenging. As techniques evolve and new information are discovered, healthcare professionals should make sure they’re always on top of their game. To succeed in the industry, you need to assess your goals early on and visualize a career path you’d like to take.

Here are some tips on having a fruitful career in healthcare:

Attend Seminars and Conferences

One of the best ways to stay on top of your career is to know what’s going on in the industry. To do this, you need to attend symposiums. If you’re a doctor, think about participating in national physician conferences or seminars. During these events, you’ll learn the latest techniques and protocols, which you can use in your practice or in managing your hospital. National doctor’s seminars also help you develop good relationships with your patients and other professionals, making it easy to work with them and find treatments for different health problems. Roundtable discussions give you the opportunity to meet other physicians and learn from them.

Enhance your Skills and Knowledge

Getting your medical license doesn’t mean you can stop studying. The medical profession is a never-ending pursuit of knowledge. To provide the best services to your patients, you need to learn about the latest medical breakthroughs or updates. If you want to get ahead in your career, you should also consider attending advanced classes, enrolling in a specialization course, or getting a PhD in a certain field, such as immunology.

Meet Other Professionals

Networking is important in any career. Don’t restrict yourself from moving into other social circles. This gives you the chance to meet other professionals who can help you improve your skills. For instance, if you’re a medical doctor, knowing a psychiatrist may help you deal with a patient you suspect to be suffering from hypochondria. Having great relationships with nurses will help you develop better doctor-patient relationships.

Being a doctor is a rewarding profession. Provide excellent services to your patients and succeed in your career by making sure you know the latest in the industry and developing fruitful relationships with other professionals and your patients.

laptopAll 21st century businesses from Canberra to London and back have one secret to success—a strong online presence. Much weight is given to social media these days, but what carries the most weight is the website. Think of hiring web development in Canberra as building your actual storefront, or office. When everything is in order, you can do your business without interruptions.

Here’s a list of what you should check before launching your website:

  • The layoutdoes it look good on major web browsers? Transfer to a mobile device and make sure your site is in full working condition regardless of the screen’s size or device used to access it.
  • SEO – make sure all pages have titles and meta descriptions. You don’t have to be aggressive with your optimisation to rank. Just employ the basics to be found and let your content keep your viewers.
  • Links and analytics – Make sure you’re not linking to any bad sites and that all links lead somewhere. Install analytics methods to help you assess the success of your website.
  • Complete web pages – A website without an ‘About’ page is like meeting a person without an I.D. How else will your readers take your word when they don’t know who you are?
  • Subscribe and Contact – make sure there’s a way for readers to subscribe to your content. Double-check all details found on the contact page, especially numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Quality content – you need to make sure your viewers have something to see when they visit your site. Make sure that the initial content is free of grammatical, or worse—factual errors.

As business properties expand, so does your website. Web development doesn’t end when you’ve launched your site. Maintenance ensures that it is in prime working condition. Make your website a priority for only companies with the strongest online presence get to the top.

graphControlling business costs is important to any company or organisation—it prevents risks, allows companies to assess inventories carefully, and reduces the likelihood of lost or stolen equipment. It’s a topic most business owners do not like to talk about; because only a few have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of what is really in their system.

Controlling your business costs means managing your assets, and managing your assets means you ensure your compliance with the insurance and government, and ultimately avoiding lengthy and costly lawsuits. Here are some tips to control your business costs effectively:

Hire an Asset Management Service Provider

It is important to find a provider that offers asset management solutions that fit your business needs and industry challenges. It’s about time that you hire one to reduce the costs and risks of managing your assets, and boost your productivity. Hire a company that provides easy-to-use preventive maintenance software that is easy to configure.

New Asset Management System

If you already have an asset management system, but feel that it’s not working for you, get a new one. Get a computerised maintenance management system, especially if you have a large asset base. It is a major cost saver, as it carries out maintenance efficiently, on time, and in a well-organised manner compared to the manual system.

Get Senior Management Support

Asset management systems represent a significant amount of financial investment and organisational commitment. It is, therefore, important to get senior management onboard, as it is vital to success. Communicate your plan with the senior management, and get their support for your new investment. It is also important to make sure that you get them actively involved in the process to set your expectations accordingly.

Have Quarterly Reviews

Schedule quarterly reviews of your asset management system to see if you’re meeting your objectives. Your business and IT systems are constantly changing, and ensuring the successful running of your company is an ongoing effort and process. It is also a source for improvement opportunities, as well as a way to identify and correct certain problems.

An effective way to control your business costs requires a disciplined approach. Through asset management, you can maximise your organisation’s value and deliver your business objectives.

obama looking at solar panels

Image by The White House | Wikipedia

The United States has implemented new import duties on solar panels from China, a move that sets higher and more extensive tariffs.

Trade tension

The Department of Commerce said it would seek to impose tariffs ranging from nearly 19% to 35%, higher than in 2012.

The decision to close a loophole that allowed some solar panel makers to avoid tariffs would potentially inflame trade tensions between the two countries.

China is the biggest solar-equipment maker, but US manufacturers said subsidies have helped Chinese businesses flood the US market with cheap products.

Abuse of trade remedies

Meanwhile, industry experts argued that implementing high import duties would make solar equipment costly. Doing this would discourage more consumers who wish to switch to renewable energy.

“The ruling is a major setback for the entire US solar industry because it will immediately increase the price of solar power and cost American jobs in one of fastest-growing sectors of the US economy,” said the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy.

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