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graphControlling business costs is important to any company or organisation—it prevents risks, allows companies to assess inventories carefully, and reduces the likelihood of lost or stolen equipment. It’s a topic most business owners do not like to talk about; because only a few have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of what is really in their system.

Controlling your business costs means managing your assets, and managing your assets means you ensure your compliance with the insurance and government, and ultimately avoiding lengthy and costly lawsuits. Here are some tips to control your business costs effectively:

Hire an Asset Management Service Provider

It is important to find a provider that offers asset management solutions that fit your business needs and industry challenges. It’s about time that you hire one to reduce the costs and risks of managing your assets, and boost your productivity. Hire a company that provides easy-to-use preventive maintenance software that is easy to configure.

New Asset Management System

If you already have an asset management system, but feel that it’s not working for you, get a new one. Get a computerised maintenance management system, especially if you have a large asset base. It is a major cost saver, as it carries out maintenance efficiently, on time, and in a well-organised manner compared to the manual system.

Get Senior Management Support

Asset management systems represent a significant amount of financial investment and organisational commitment. It is, therefore, important to get senior management onboard, as it is vital to success. Communicate your plan with the senior management, and get their support for your new investment. It is also important to make sure that you get them actively involved in the process to set your expectations accordingly.

Have Quarterly Reviews

Schedule quarterly reviews of your asset management system to see if you’re meeting your objectives. Your business and IT systems are constantly changing, and ensuring the successful running of your company is an ongoing effort and process. It is also a source for improvement opportunities, as well as a way to identify and correct certain problems.

An effective way to control your business costs requires a disciplined approach. Through asset management, you can maximise your organisation’s value and deliver your business objectives.

obama looking at solar panels

Image by The White House | Wikipedia

The United States has implemented new import duties on solar panels from China, a move that sets higher and more extensive tariffs.

Trade tension

The Department of Commerce said it would seek to impose tariffs ranging from nearly 19% to 35%, higher than in 2012.

The decision to close a loophole that allowed some solar panel makers to avoid tariffs would potentially inflame trade tensions between the two countries.

China is the biggest solar-equipment maker, but US manufacturers said subsidies have helped Chinese businesses flood the US market with cheap products.

Abuse of trade remedies

Meanwhile, industry experts argued that implementing high import duties would make solar equipment costly. Doing this would discourage more consumers who wish to switch to renewable energy.

“The ruling is a major setback for the entire US solar industry because it will immediately increase the price of solar power and cost American jobs in one of fastest-growing sectors of the US economy,” said the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy.

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