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laptopAll 21st century businesses from Canberra to London and back have one secret to success—a strong online presence. Much weight is given to social media these days, but what carries the most weight is the website. Think of hiring web development in Canberra as building your actual storefront, or office. When everything is in order, you can do your business without interruptions.

Here’s a list of what you should check before launching your website:

  • The layoutdoes it look good on major web browsers? Transfer to a mobile device and make sure your site is in full working condition regardless of the screen’s size or device used to access it.
  • SEO – make sure all pages have titles and meta descriptions. You don’t have to be aggressive with your optimisation to rank. Just employ the basics to be found and let your content keep your viewers.
  • Links and analytics – Make sure you’re not linking to any bad sites and that all links lead somewhere. Install analytics methods to help you assess the success of your website.
  • Complete web pages – A website without an ‘About’ page is like meeting a person without an I.D. How else will your readers take your word when they don’t know who you are?
  • Subscribe and Contact – make sure there’s a way for readers to subscribe to your content. Double-check all details found on the contact page, especially numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Quality content – you need to make sure your viewers have something to see when they visit your site. Make sure that the initial content is free of grammatical, or worse—factual errors.

As business properties expand, so does your website. Web development doesn’t end when you’ve launched your site. Maintenance ensures that it is in prime working condition. Make your website a priority for only companies with the strongest online presence get to the top.

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