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disinfectantIn all medical practices, preventing infectious diseases is always a challenge you should face. Not doing so will lead your business to a lot of risks. Your employees and patients alike will be susceptible to illnesses and you’ll be accountable if something happens to them. Don’t lose credibility by neglecting to buy disinfectants and cleaning materials necessary for your certain medical field. Here are some of the most effective ones.


OPTIM 33 TB is a disinfectant that can kill non-enveloped viruses in a minute. This is important and relevant in all industries. Its fast contact time increases the chances of it being effective in disinfecting viruses. Unlike most disinfectants, this one doesn’t have any lingering alcohol smell or strong chemical odor. In fact, it has the lowest toxicity level based on the EPA toxicity categorization of antimicrobial products. It doesn’t have the precautionary warning label because of this. Talk about effective and safe.

VistaBrite Water Treatment

VistaBrite is a water filtration system that lessens contaminants present in water which can adversely impact instruments processed in washers. Removing these contaminants greatly decreases spotting and maintenance requirements to keep the parts clean. The system has two parts: the prefilter and hyperfiltration membrane. The higher the water pressure is, the higher resulting water quality will be.


AquaStat is a compact water distiller that turns tap water into vapor, killing 99% of contaminants. This includes copper, lead, arsenic, nitrates, aluminum, iron, pesticides, herbicides, and more. Just plug the AquaStat into an outlet, fill with soft or hard water, and switch it on. This results to pure water that’s essential for autoclave sterilization. It can make a gallon of distilled water in just a little over four hours.

Don’t let any complains arise from your employees or patients. Research about the infection control products you need for your office so you could ensure their safety. Save yourself from a lot of hassle because prevention is always better than cure.

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