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restaurantFrom that first formal date as a couple to the 50th anniversary celebration, dining at a great restaurant is a special way to celebrate each special stage in your relationship. While many people consider this an old-fashioned way of celebrating these events, restaurants actually nurture romance, and there is always something romantic about them that help a relationship grow.

Here are the relationship milestones you need to celebrate in a fine bistro:

First Formal Date

First dates these days are no longer very formal, but it’s always nice to look back at a classy evening. Once you are officially together, why not go on another first date? Choose a restaurant with great food and one with a romantic ambience. Remember, though, that there is a difference with romantic and intimate and plain old creepy.

Meeting the Parents

When meeting the parents and putting the best foot forward, a special restaurant with a quiet table is always the best option. Say you live in Queensland, a beautiful meal at a restaurant somewhere in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane sets the right tone, as most restaurants have a great atmosphere for introductions.


You are ready to commit and want propose to her in the most “yes-worthy” way possible—doing it in a special restaurant where you had your first date can be very romantic. Ask management to find a quiet table for you, and if you want to capture the moment with the help of family and friends, or maybe the restaurant’s team, then ask help from the manager.

Rehearsal Dinner

Tradition dictates that the parents of the groom pay for the rehearsal dinner, but in these modern times, it can be different. Cut the stress with a budget-friendly menu, comforting food, and hassle-free parking, so find one that makes everything easy for you.

First, Silver, and Gold Wedding Anniversary

These events call for reminiscing the past, so it is always worth it to go someplace intimate – at least if you’re both still able to. If you can both still get up and function on your own, then a quiet restaurant is the best place to go.

They say love needs feeding. Whether it is your first date, your first kiss, or the time you introduce her to your parents, or your wedding anniversary, there are relationship milestones you need to celebrate somewhere special.

IBM Simon Personal CommunicatorThe first ever smartphone in the world, the chunky IBM Simon, is now two decades old.

Reminder of the Different Era

The term “smartphone” was not yet invented when it was launched, but Simon was the first device that has the functions of modern-day mobile phones.

“The Simon wasn’t called a smartphone back then,” said curator Charlotte Connelly. “But it had a lot of the features we see today. It had a calendar, it could take notes and send emails and messages and combined all of this with a cell phone.”

The IBM Simon features a black and white LCD display and touch support with a stylus.

Information Age Exhibition

Available only in the US, the phone was created by computer company IBM. Simon cost $899 and primarily sold to business people.

The mobile phone allows users to write notes, update their calendar, create contacts, and send and receive faxes.

To celebrate its 20th birthday, the IBM Simon will go on display at London’s Science Museum in October. It is part of a permanent exhibition on the history of communication and information technology of the museum.

Passive income—that is the secret of the rich.

Wealth is something almost everyone is after. If the same is true for you, it’s important to realise that not all income streams are equal. Some are linear, and some are passive.

Linear income is what you get from a regular job. You work eight or nine hours a day 5 or more days a week and someone pays you for your efforts. Passive income, on the other hand, is when you work once, and earn money even if you are just sitting around doing nothing. With very little effort, you earn money—that is the secret.

Here is a guide to creating streams of passive income:

man saving moneyProperty Investments

Resort Brokers echo what’s been said time and again by financial leaders like ANZ, when you invest in real estate and tourism properties and then rent out, you pave the way to the possibility of earning more. You will enjoy the continuous cash flow received every month, the equity built, and the potential appreciation of the property in the long run.


Developing a product and writing songs or books and have them licensed out in exchange for royalties. When you start franchising a food business that blows people’s minds with a “secret sauce”, you can collect franchisor fees. You can also buy someone’s share of a song through a writer’s auction. For example, if a songwriter dies, you can bid on a song, and you can receive a royalty check every month.

Websites or Blogs

Successful Internet entrepreneurs have built streams of passive income through their websites. All you really need is $10 for a domain name, and $20 for hosting, and you can be on the road to developing a website that will have you earning more in no time.

You can also try to sign up with a company and sell their products through affiliate marketing. For example, if you start a tech website, you can become an affiliate of anti-virus software or a web hosting company. You can earn thousands of dollars every month if the website receives a good amount of web traffic.

Work smart and focus on your passive income rather than the active income, so you can have a secure financial future. Who knows, you might even become among the world’s richest if you try hard enough.

While eating is an instinctual activity necessary for survival, some maintain a viewpoint that it should go beyond that, especially today when everyone tries to sophisticate everything. Eating, they say, should be a way to explore the finer things in life. If you share the same philosophy, you might as well call yourself a foodie.

restaurantBut being a foodie doesn’t solely depend on this sentiment. It requires knowledge and skill, all of which will differentiate you from self-proclaimed and pretentious connoisseurs. Listed below are some of things you should know and do before finally calling yourself a legit foodie.

Learn to Judge the Ambiance

Restaurants like Hatch & Co. often say that the environment can significantly affect the eating experience. If you want to learn how to judge the ambiance, consider the following factors: the theme, the lighting, the seating, and the noise level.

Hone Your Sense of Smell

A dining experience becomes more delightful when you can smell the aroma of the fare you’re about to enjoy, as the sense of smell and the sense of taste are heavily interrelated. To make your olfaction more acute, associate the smell with a certain memory or recollection. Come up with your own descriptions and record them. For instance, you may define the odour of boiled broccoli as something that borders between ‘grassy’ and ‘mouldy.’

Learn Some Science

This doesn’t mean that you will have to learn how carbohydrates disintegrate into simpler compounds. It’s enough that you know that flavour has some evolutionary bases, and it helps you determine if you’re getting enough nutrients.

Master the Art of Reverse-Engineering

When foodies find a satisfying fare, one of their first instincts after eating it is to deconstruct the recipe. In doing so, they won’t ask the chef about how it was cooked or look for ready-made recipes on the web. They will personalise the deconstruction and incorporate new ingredients to make the recipe better.

Other skills that you need to hone include socialisation, culture appreciation, and writing. These are important in building your authority should you wish to document your gastronomic adventures and make them public.

house on fireLosing your place in a fire has devastating consequences. There is no doubt that fires are among the worst situations that can happen in residential or commercial places. It is feared by many as it can damage almost everything in its path, with the capability to raze structures to the ground in an instant.

Most fires break out because of faulty electrical wires and appliances, overloaded circuits and worn out cords. According to U.S. fire department records, there were more than 40, 000 cases of house fires reported nationwide. There are several ways to prevent an electrical fire. But in case it has already started, here are things that you should do:

Call the Authorities

Even if you think you can put out the fire yourself, it is better to contact the fire department for your safety. A fireman, after all, knows all fire safety measures and what to do in this situation.

Reach for Fire Extinguishers

Don’t panic; grab a fire extinguisher and put out the flame. Fire equipment companies such as say a fire extinguisher for sale should indicate its type to determine its suitability in a fire situation. For electrical fires, a Class-C or multi-purpose ABC extinguisher must be used. Using A or B may not put out the fire or only worsen the situation.

Don’t Use Water

The most common element that people use to put out a fire is water. It is impractical in electrical fires, however, as it will only conduct a bigger blaze and water splashed on fire creates more smoke. If you don’t have extinguishers, you can use baking soda or other sodium bicarbonate materials to repress the flame.

Turn Off Main Breakers

Electrical fires easily spread because a burnt wiring may cause explosion in multiple areas where electricity travels. When a fire starts, shut off the main breaker in the house. Do this with dry hands to avoid electrocution.

If the authorities are on their way and you have utilized all necessary measures yet still failed to control the fire, leave the house immediately. Take your family to safety; don’t try to save your things if the fire has already spread around the house. No material thing is more valuable than your life.

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