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PancitThe Philippines has been known to favor fried chicken. Now, we can get on with the other Filipino food that can be the next foreign favorite: pancit. Just like chicken, there are almost a hundred ways to prepare this delicious noodle dish, and everyone has their own preference of which is the best.

Most people already have an idea of what pancit should taste like, and there shouldn’t be any need to go deeply into how it’s made. Finding a favorite isn’t an easy task considering the dish caters to so many different tastes and palates, but here goes:

The Rankings

In fifth place, we have pancit luglog, a version of the meal popular in Central Luzon. This dish uses shrimp-achuete sauce to give it an orange shade, and has a mix of eggs, shrimps, smoked fish, and chicharon. This variation is so popular that it’s almost become the standard in the preparation of the dish.

Pancit habhab, a specialty of the Quezon province. This pancit has sautéed miki noodles with shrimps, vegetables and sliced pork as toppings. Traditionally, this is eaten on banana leaves and without utensils, making it the most fun version to eat.

In third place is the ever-present pancit canton. Arguably, the most popular form of the dish, it’s seen in almost every part of the country and is mostly paired with the best fried chicken in restaurants. This version of the dish is incomplete without calamansi and soy sauce, along with a medley of vegetables and meatballs as toppings.

The runner-up is lomi, a noodle soup that always has slices of pork and lean chicken meat. This version of the dish is unique because it’s one of the few that comes in soup, and its noodles are from fresh eggs. Lomi is popular, especially in the southern region of Luzon where no restaurant is complete without it.

Finally, the best pancit arguably is La Paz Batchoy, coming from Iloilo; this dish gets its flavor from the broth of beef, pork, and chicken. Best eaten hot, this dish has a top of raw egg and crushed chicharon.

The country’s love affair with both fried chicken and pancit is well documented. The next time you order, bring the whole family and experience a gastronomic feast that only Filipinos can.

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