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house and landCranbourne is a picturesque suburb of Melbourne, lying 45 kilometres southeast of the Melbourne central business district. It is part of the Greater Cranbourne Area, consisting of four other suburbs, located in the North, South, East, and West. In the south is the Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, which opened in 2006 and had attracted a record 15,000 visitors on opening day. This is arguably the best tourist destination in the area.

Peaceful Cranbourne and its outlying towns are popular for its temperate, mild climate, making the purchase of house and land packages in Cranbourne a sound idea for those looking down to settle. Here are some of them:

1. Crystal World

Crystal World is a storehouse of rocks, minerals, and meteorite fragments from all over the country, with some quarried from around the world. They have thousands of kinds of rocks, which can be bought as souvenirs, or if you have a business, for wholesale. Visitors can also find fossils and amber in the Crystal World storehouse, or have tea in the garden overlooking their collection.

2. Casey Race

Casey Race is a combination of an aquatic centre, gym, and an indoor pool. There are several kinds of these in Casey Race: a 50-metre lap pool, an 8-lane lap pool, a toddler’s pool, a leisure pool, and a pool catered to first-time swimmers. The children’s pool also features waterslides. For parents who want to enjoy quality time while their children are frolicking, there is a gym overlooking the kiddy pool, and a café for those who appreciate the quiet.

3. The Shed

The Shed is an indoor skate park that accommodates skaters of all skill levels, from beginners to advance. The Shed is also the biggest of its kind in the country, designed not only to have room for skaters, but also for the audience. The Shed has a retail store as well, and offers workshops and training camps.

4. Bowland

Bowland is an indoor, ten pin bowling alley, also boasting a bar and a café. The alley has 24 lanes in total, and visitors can try their hand at the Zone Amusement to win prizes.

Wherever your heart is — from games to romping in the water or the more intellectual pursuits — Cranbourne area has much to offer for those looking for a break from the bustle of city life.

windowShutters remain a popular window treatment today. This is because of its unique style it brings to every area of the house. It is more durable and cost effective than traditional blinds. With so many options available, however, it might be hard to choose the best one for your home.

Different types of shutters

Generally, there are three types of shutters: solid, café style, and plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are popular in Perth, and these usually have slats or louvers that can rotate open and closed to control light levels. To create a more traditional look, go for solid shutters. Café style shutters are the perfect fit for restaurants and cafés. These shutters typically cover the bottom part of the window.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

This type has two sets of shutters, one above the other. You can open each set individually, which provides more flexibility and better light control. This is the best option for large bay windows.

Polyvinyl Shutters

This popular option consists of waterproof materials, which makes it suitable for harsher and wetter environments. Polyvinyl shutters ideal for bathrooms or shower rooms.

Versatility and Home Improvement

The best thing about shutters is you can place them anywhere around the house. You can look for customised services to suit your style and preference. You can get triangular and round shutters, or just any shape and colours you want. You can install shutters on doors and roofs.

Be creative and resourceful. Search online or read home magazines for more ideas. You can consult your service provider for better modifications and other requirements you need. While these shutters are known for its durability, proper maintenance is still essential.

Over the years, many homeowners prefer installing window shutters than blinds. Truly, there are many advantages of adding this feature. Look for the right shutter that would enhance the appeal of your residence.

houseIn case you have a family member with disability, it will be a smart and considerate move to modify your home. A handicap-accessible home is important in promoting the safety of your disabled family member. It also helps them become independent.

Converting your home into something that corresponds to the needs of your disabled loved ones requires proper planning. The first thing you need is to spot the areas your family member finds hard to access. Keep reading to learn more about how you can improve these spaces.

The Yard

The yard should have a level and clear path. Instead of placing plants in big pots along the path, go for climbing plants, so there will be no obstructions for your family member who uses a wheelchair. If there are elevated sections of the yard, especially the paths leading to the patio, build a wheelchair ramp. Make sure the surfaces are smooth to prevent slips and trips.

The Entrance

There should also be a ramp leading to the house’s entry. The doorways should be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. When it comes to doors, make sure the thresholds are leveled properly to make the entrance of the wheelchair or cane users easier. Place the door knobs lower than usual, so wheelchair users can access them.

The Bathroom

Reputable plumbers, such as, recommend the installation of certain equipment to prevent accidents and maximize comfort. You may install walk-in tubs and comfort-height toilets. There should be easy-turn faucets, handheld shower heads, and sturdy grab bars.

The Stairs

Using the stairwell can be a frightening experience for persons with disability. If your budget allows it, build a lift or install a stairway lift. Make sure your family member can easily get on and off the seat. There should also be some safety features, such as straps, belts or handles.

A beautiful home is nothing if its design doesn’t correspond to the needs of the dwellers. This truth speaks volumes if you have a disabled family member.

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