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school girl uniformUniforms are mandatory for most schools in Australia. Many parents find it challenging to buy the right set for their children, though, as there are different options available like buying them as is or having them tailored to fit their children’s needs. Here’s a comparison to help you decide:

Do You Have Specific Needs or Not?

Ready-made uniforms are available in similar sizes, from the chest, shoulders and hips to the length. If the supplier has your size and you can move comfortably in it, then you can go for this option. Tailored uniforms are ideal for specific body types. If you feel like everything fits except for the armhole, for instance, then you have to pay for tailoring services instead.

Do You Need the Uniform Right Away?

Buying ready-made uniforms from school wear suppliers allows you to get what you need right away. All you have to do is visit their shop, try the uniforms on to know your size, and then pay at the cashier. Many suppliers now have online shops, which offer deliveries within a week. They make the measurements available online to make sure that customers will get the right size upon delivery.

Tailored uniforms take at least two weeks or more to make, depending on the number of your orders and the current workload of the tailors. If you don’t want delays, you have to contact them beforehand – at least a month before school term. This is to save you from paying additional fees for rush services to get the uniform on time.

Do You Have a Simple-Looking Uniform?

Most schools give students the freedom to choose where to get their uniforms. This means that you don’t have to buy from their official store. If another shop is selling similar designs for a lower price, you can buy their ready-made uniforms and add the details, like patches and buttons, yourself. If you don’t know how to sew, you can hire tailors to do the rest.

The decision depends on the body type of your children, the term start date, and the design of the uniform. Both are good options, but you need to choose which is more practical.

alcoholic beveragesAlcohol is a staple for most parties and celebrations, but you have the option to skip it. Deciding whether you should serve alcohol or not may be challenging, as it’s costly and asking guests to pay for their own drinks isn’t usually advisable, either.

Can You Afford to Serve Alcohol?

If you’re planning to book a wedding reception in Sydney or anywhere in NSW, you should ask what options they offer for your alcohol needs. If budget is the major concern, you can leave it to the time guests will arrive at the reception and the food you’re going to serve.

Serving alcohol early in the day isn’t advisable, but you can still serve champagne for the toast. Morning cocktails, like Bloody Mary and Mimosa, are acceptable. Many venues allow stocking up your own bar if you want to limit the consumption of alcohol.

If you can’t afford any kind of bar, offering a single serving of beer, champagne, or wine with the full course meal will do. Serving cocktail drinks and hors d’oeuvres is more affordable than sit-down meals, but you have to limit the celebration to three hours to avoid spending more when guests get hungry again.

Does Everybody Drink Alcohol?

Don’t forget that your guest list ranges from children to adults. If you have under-aged guests, serving alcohol should take place a little late (or isolated) to prevent their drinks from mixing up. After all, you don’t want to get them into trouble. Make sure that non-alcoholic beverages are always available. This isn’t only for the under-aged, but those who don’t drink and aren’t planning to because they’re in charge of driving their companions home.

Alcohol can liven up any celebration, but this doesn’t have to let your budget suffer. Know what type, how many, and what time should you serve these beverages to make the wedding fun and unforgettable.

Dinner Table At A Wedding ReceptionCompared to the traditional feasts that massive party after a wedding ceremony, cocktail receptions are growing in popularity because of its simplicity. The atmosphere is more relaxed and calm, providing guests an opportunity to mingle with others. They are also more affordable, less time-consuming, and offer greater flexibility when choosing a venue.

While cocktail receptions are a rather unconventional way to celebrate the union of a couple, they can offer a more pleasant experience. You don’t need to worry so much about a seating chart and you can focus on spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the celebration.

The Regatta Hotel briefly discusses the concept of a cocktail wedding reception and some tips on planning them:

Food to Serve

As cocktail receptions are a late-afternoon kind of thing, you can serve smaller dishes or hors d’oeuvres. Plan a selection of smaller-bite meals and make sure to pump up the volume and the variety of foods you serve. You can also choose to have an open bar or offer only wine, champagne, and mixed drinks.

Setup and Table Arrangements

The main idea of a cocktail reception is to allow guests to mingle, eat, and enjoy. Avoid assigned seating and let guest sit wherever they please. Set up chairs and tables through the reception area or use benches and banquettes to create a few lounge areas. Make sure there is enough seating to accommodate all of your guests.

Music or Entertainment

You don’t need to hire a DJ or a live band to perform at the reception, especially if you don’t have budget. A specialty singer or a string trio will actually do. If you have budget for music, however, a live band or a DJ is a great idea. You can also have a photo booth or a portrait station for your guests throughout the evening.

Reception Invitations

Cocktail receptions are usually held at around 4 pm or close to dinner hour. This is why it is important to clarify the food you will serve at the event. Include it in the invites and use simple and straightforward language. You can ask them to join you for hors d’oeuvres or cocktails after the ceremony.

Create a more enjoyable and relaxed post-ceremony party with a cocktail wedding reception. Choose the right venue and plan tasty dishes to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time.

twitter appsTwitter is one of fastest growing social media platforms used by marketers. It’s usually used in conjunction with other social media platforms for a comprehensive marketing strategy. But, marketing your brand in 140 characters can be difficult, especially if you’re verbose and you’re used to saying things verbatim.

Marketing companies, such as C1 Partners, advise that you should get to know the platform well first. Know its users and draw some inspiration from businesses who are known to implement effective strategies.

Below are some tips that will help you craft strong headlines and attract customers to follow your brand.

Organize Your Thoughts

This is the first thing you need to keep in mind. Remember that Twitter only allows 140 characters in each status message. If your mind is cluttered, you tend to utter more words than what is necessary. Be straightforward and compress your message by using numbers instead of words. For instance, use “5” instead of typing “Five.”

Link Intelligently

Links are important if you’re providing your audience with further information or you’re trying to direct them to your website. Instead of the traditional method of placing links at the beginning or the end of a tweet, put them right before the middle of the message. Analyses and experiments show that tweets with links in the middle of the message get more RTs than tweets that use conventional link placements.

Don’t Forget Your Hashtags

Hashtags are used to enrich the meaning of the message and make tweets more relatable. When using hashtags, be careful when putting words together. Don’t overuse them, as doing so may annoy users. Keep them grammatically correct.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind to improve your tweets and get more RTs and followers. Speak to social media consultants if you need a more solid strategy using this platform.

Reasons to Get a LawyerDivorce is a reality for people across the country, and more people are looking for ways to avoid the related costs—one of them is a do-it-yourself divorce.

The past few years saw a growing number of websites encouraging divorcing spouses to prepare their divorce papers online without consulting a lawyer. The idea itself seems like the best and most cost-efficient solution to get out of a loveless marriage quickly, but please reconsider.

Here’s why you should walk away from the computer and turn to attorneys instead:

Avoid Mistakes

There are two big reasons people make mistakes when working on their own divorce: 1) the legal system is complicated, and 2) the stress of going through divorce makes it difficult to think straight.

For instance, most divorcees don’t know the difference between “joint legal” and “shared legal” custody, which might lead to expensive child custody mistakes. Also, if you simply forget to address a medical or credit card debt issue, you might only cause further financial harm. In most cases, this takes future legal proceedings to correct. Hiring an attorney will help you ensure that someone is properly handling your case.

No False Sense of Security

Spouses who go for DIY divorce often believe that all issues are already properly and correctly resolved, just because the court already processed the forms and issued the divorce decree. Some problems, however, can remain undiscovered for years until someone discovers a mountain of joint debt later on down the road.

If you live in California, look for a firm focused on San Francisco family law cases, for example. At least with them, you know that you are truly secure after the proceedings.

Clear and Binding Agreement

Even if the court reviews any documents you present, they may not understand what you are trying to do. This could lead to a divorce decree that says something other than what you wanted. With an attorney, you can be sure that the legal documents accurately state your wishes.

Even if your case is quite simple and both you and your spouse agree on all the issues about your children and the division of property, remember that a DIY divorce is full of risks. It can come back to haunt you in the future. Many have learned it the hard way. You don’t want to be one of them.

Anti-Fatigue MatsFloor mats have come a long way from being simple decorations that kept the floor from looking too bare. Now, there is a mat for every practical purpose imaginable, and the tech that goes into their manufacturing is surprisingly sophisticated.

Just take a look at any mat store, and you would be impressed with their product range. Entry floor mats are specially designed to keep dirt from entering buildings, non-slip mats prevent accidents from happening, and now, anti-fatigue mats claim to improve ergonomics. But can these mats really help?

Why is ergonomics important?

First, it is helpful to understand just how important an ergonomic environment is in the workplace. People spend hours every day in their jobs, doing roughly the same things for years. In many industries, like restaurants or salons, they also do the vast majority of their work while standing. This constricts the lower muscles, limiting blood flow and causing fatigue.

Eliminating pain and fatigue wherever possible is not just good for the employee’s short term comfort, but their long term health as well; foot, leg, and back pain can develop into serious chronic issues with enough time. An ergonomic environment also improves productivity, and raises worker satisfaction.

So how do these mats work?

Anti-fatigue mats have two major advantages compared to standing on a hard surface. First is how they add a cushion under your feet to absorb impact, reducing the overall pressure on your joints. Second, the mat improves blood circulation by encouraging subtle movement of leg and calf muscles. This helps prevent the fatigue and aches that are common among those who stand in place for long periods.

Thanks to these benefits, anti-fatigue mats are now a common sight in the workplaces of many different industries. Service crews, health workers, factory personnel, and many others routinely say that it makes a huge difference to how comfortable their jobs are. It’s safe to say that fitting your workplace with these mats is usually a good decision, especially if you have hard concrete floors.

IrritabilityThere are things that naturally get into the nerve of people – things that annoy them. Getting irritated is the feeling of agitation when something or someone provokes you in any way. This occurrence is usual for most people every day, but if it’s always recurring, it may be a symptom of hormonal imbalance.

The nutritional supplement providers from Green Gold Nutrition explained that you can ensure good health by maintaining a normal pH level of the body. Irritability, though, is not essentially caused by imbalanced hormone level. Other causes include toothache, ear infection, flu, pain, and menopause among others.

Identifying Causes and Effects

Irritability is similar to mood swings. Everything that’s fine on normal days is quite annoying recently and it’s unclear why. This condition can be brief or repetitive. There are also psychological conditions that can cause it, including anxiety disorder, depressions, stress, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and autism.

Apart from the medical conditions, being easily irritated by even the slightest things could be side effects of the medicines you’re taking or others like drug use, alcoholism, and nicotine and caffeine withdrawal.

Other symptoms often accompany this medical condition. These occur before, during, or after you begin getting irritated. Sweating, a fast heartbeat and breathing, confusion, and anger are some of the common accompanying symptoms. If the main cause of the irritability is a hormone imbalance, you may experience fever, headache, irregular menstrual cycles (for women), hot flashes, or hair loss.

Diagnosing the Medical Problem

It’s not that difficult to determine if you’re easily irritated. Other people can also tell if you’re having this medical condition. The best way to treat this is by seeing a doctor. They may ask for your medical history, previous and current medications, and conduct a series of tests.

As chronic as it may seem, irritability is treatable. Usually, doctors may prescribe you with medicines to treat the root causes. Ensure a balanced hormonal level and live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Contaminated WaterDuring the 19th century, the longest river in England – the river Thames – was a collection of rubbish, sewage, and all manner of things people wanted to get rid of quickly. It wasn’t very pleasant to be near its banks, and no one with any real sense would rather swim in it.

Looking for Answers in the Wrong Places

It was during these years that several serious cholera epidemics broke out and killed thousands of people. Even back then, London was home to some of the smartest medical and scientific minds in the world, but they just couldn’t figure out the cause of the outbreaks.

They all agreed that it had to be environmental, because the spread was too quick to be bacterial. What they couldn’t agree on was what kind of environmental factor was causing it; many doctors were in the camp that breathing vapors, or a miasma caused cholera.

Today, most people are aware that cholera spreads through contaminated water, which is why the water filter Utah homeowners and in other states install today is important. Fortunately, a few like Dr. John Snow thought along these same lines, and worked to find the right answer.

Tracking Down a Disease

Dr. Snow was at work on a new technology called anesthesia in helping deliver babies when cholera began spreading rapidly. Indoor plumbing didn’t exist in 1800s London, and their main water sources were deep wells located near the River Thames. Snow believed that contaminated water from the river could get into the wells, causing the alarming spread of disease.

Snow tracked down the deaths of the next outbreak and traced all of them back to a single water pump. Even with his findings, however, no one believed Snow, until a Reverend, trying to prove that cholera was divine punishment from God helped proved Snow was right.

Divine and German Intervention

Reverend Henry Whitehead was interviewing a woman whose child contracted the disease. The exchange revealed that she washed her child’s dirty diapers in water and dumped it into a cesspool three feet away from the pump Snow contended was the source. What convinced Reverend Whitehead of the viability of Snow’s theory was eerily close timing of the washing, and the beginning of the outbreak.

Even with the support of Rev. Whitehead, officials still did not believe the theory, and it was years before the water lines saw improvement. It wasn’t until 1883, when German physician Robert Koch isolated the germ that was causing the disease in contaminated water. Snow’s theory was vindicated, nearly thirty years after his initial investigation.

emotional kid of divorceLet’s face it – marriage is a huge challenge to take on. Yes, you were young and so in love and it seemed like there was absolutely nothing that could get in the way of your love for each other. In reality, however, not all marriages last a lifetime. Irreconcilable differences and, unfortunately, abuse, are realities allowing some to see their spouse in a different light. This, too, may be the cause of you not wanting to stay married anymore—leading to the decision to file for divorce.

The process of getting a divorce varies across the fifty states. In New York, says you need more than just irreconcilable differences as grounds for divorce. You can file for divorce because of abandonment, adultery, or inhumane treatment. You don’t always need a family or divorce attorney, but hiring one is advisable to cover all bases.

Here are the top three issues you may face when dealing with divorce:

Property Division

You’ve probably spent half your life building that house with your spouse, and now you’re facing divorce. How do you divide your assets? While some couples go through an amicable separation and maturely deal with property division, not everyone is that lucky. If your grounds for divorce include psychological abuse or adultery, this can make dividing your assets can be a bitter process.

If your spouse hires a lawyer because of worries regarding stock certificates, land titles, and bank accounts, perhaps you should call a lawyer as well to protect your interests. The lawyers can negotiate, draft an agreement, and you can both go forth and live in peace.

Child Custody and Support

If you had a hard time sealing a good property division deal with your former spouse, it should come as no surprise that you will also be more stressed when it comes to alimony and child support. If your children are still in their formative years, chances are they will stay with the mother. Wherever the kids will live, however, they will need financial support from both parents. A reliable divorce attorney Long Island can help protect your child’s interests through a good financial support scheme.

Remember that your child may have all the financial support necessary while still in school, but both parents’ presence is still more important. If you’re still friends with your former spouse, you can both come up with a visitation schedule so your child can spend time with both of you throughout the year. The child can stay with the mother during school days and visit the father during vacations. You can talk to your Long Island attorney on how to iron out the visitation details.

technology and gadgetsNeedless to say, the Internet has turned our lives around and ushered a new era in technology. After all, it has completely changed the way we communicate, the way we get information, the way we do certain things like reading or even watching TV or movies. And with the Internet also came quite a few gadgets that we have become completely attached to for better or for worse. In just a decade’s time, these gadgets have become a need more than a want.

First off, there is the smart phone. Perhaps the last generation to experience a world that is not proliferated by cellular phones and where the typical mode of communication is the analog phone are the kids of the 90s. Currently, we basically do everything through our phone from sending text messages to capturing precious moments with its video camera and photo applications, to even surfing the net. It has captured our imagination so completely that we can’t even part with our phones while we are with our friends. It is that life-changing.

Another very important gadget that we can’t possibly do without these days is the laptop. It makes our work so easy because of its mobility. We don’t just use it as one would do with a typewriter. Furthermore, we go online, download movies and music and communicate with people using the laptop.

Think about it, aren’t you glad you don’t need to go back to the office or the house just to type something or email a report? In fact, it has made IT services companies very useful in this age of digital connection. From our simple gadgets to online solutions, to managing our networks and data, we definitely need IT services to run our lives hassle-free.

And lastly, since this is the digital age where even music is shared digitally, how can one not have an MP3 player. It has definitely revolutionized not only the way we listen to music, but more importantly the way we get our music. With music downloads available online, it is as easy as copying it on our device.

Can you imagine life now without these gadgets? Think about it.

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