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FacebookSocial media has transformed how digital marketing works. It allows local and small business to expand their market reach, offering more opportunities for customer interaction. This, in turn, leads to better brand exposure.

One of the most popular social media platforms is Facebook. It has approximately 1.23 billion members, with the numbers still climbing to date. Any SEO professional in Singapore would agree that the site is a perfect place for small businesses to thrive and reach out to existing and potential customers.

Why include Facebook as part of your online marketing strategy?

1. It allows consumer interaction

What makes Facebook such an effective tool is the easy communication of ideas to a wide audience, while receiving immediate feedback. In other words, the interaction from both sides makes Facebook a great medium for business growth. You get to know what the consumers want, and you can relay your product and services without spending too much.

2. It supports SEO strategies

SEO and digital companies view social media as an essential part of online marketing. Ranking well in search result is challenging for many online marketers, but social media makes things less difficult. Facebook is a plus point to your search engine optimisation effort; Google uses social signals as a ranking factor.

3. Facebook users are attentive

Social media users pay close attention to what they see on Facebook and similar networks. Any content that appears on these social sites could become viral. Content sharing is the best way to reach out to these potential customers and make your customer base grow.

As people turn to quick solutions, businesses should also be quick with their actions—and this is exactly what they can achieve with Facebook. With the right targeting and continuous account monitoring, your social media marketing efforts can deliver results that matter to your business.

CrackProblems in your home’s structure can lead to big repair expenses, and this is particularly inconvenient if you are trying to save. The good news is you can prevent big troubles if you start fixing minor problems at home.

Think of this as an illness. Like a person who is sick, there will be symptoms that show your home is in need of repairs. Wise homeowners will intervene as soon as possible because they know how costly repairs could be.

Look for the Signs

When a house is in trouble, you can look for signs of damage on the foundation. As years pass, you will notice uneven walls or flooring, which are often minor because these do not cause any trouble.

Nonetheless, jammed doors or windows can be a sign of trouble. Cracks on the walls and floors are also bad signs that require immediate attention. As Peter Bracey explains, you can apply cladding systems to protect your exterior walls from further damage.

Things to Do

Check the outside area of your home and inspect the length of the foundation to determine if it’s even. Make sure the wall is not slanting or leaning.

If there is a bulge or curve on the block foundation, this is a sign the foundation is out of alignment. If you notice the presence of soil around the foundation, you need to call a professional contractor.

Use a screwdriver and poke the wall to see if the concrete is still in good condition; strong concrete can easily hold against poking. Weak concrete is often due to the presence of dirt, moisture or salt. Cured concrete may shrink, but will not crack—if there is crack, it indicates trouble.

How Much Will It Cost?

There are many ways to fix the foundation of your home. These come with different rates and services, depending on the repair service. For example, steel braces will cost around $500-700, while carbon fibre mesh costs $350-400 per strap. Meanwhile, concrete piers or screws cost around $1,200-1,500 per pier. If cracks are small, you can fix it by using compound mixture.

Be thorough with your inspections, so you can apply the necessary repairs as early as possible.

Licensed dentistOne of the strange questions that would pop into your head is what if the dentist is not real? It might look funny or silly, but it will not be once you are already sitting on that chair and you realize you don’t see that dentist’s license anywhere.

There were some news reports about dentists being charged with malpractice; a dentist in Melbourne was recently charged with a suit after allegedly infecting patients. With all hullaballoo with making sure which dentist is legit or not, how can you know?

A dentist in Sioux Falls may help you.

How to Make Sure that Dentist is Legit

A license these days is not sufficient proof that the dentist is the real deal. After all, aside from it being hard to figure out if that license is real, some nefarious individuals even go so far as to fake it. To make sure your dentist is real, you can call your local state’s dental board to find out. More often than not, real dentists will be listed on that, as well as given a license to operate by the government.

The State Dental Board can also help you if you think you haven’t gotten the kind of service you expect, or the dentists charged more than was stated in the contract. You can consult them for a full list of the claims you can ask them to support you with.

Dental Hygiene is no Joke

Don’t neglect your dental hygiene. Even if you feel it’s a trivial thing, dental health should be as important as your overall body health. This is one of the things that people overlook, as great dental health will only allow an actual dentist to perform routine maintenance, instead of high-risk procedures that you would not want a relative unknown to do on you.

Dentists will always have a license, displayed on their clinic. Still, if going to the dentist makes you nervous, find a trusted dentist in your neighborhood you can trust, or look up their names on the state’s local board.

Traffic lawEach state has different traffic laws. The core of traffic laws is the promotion of safety and road regulation, tailor fit to the needs of each state’s population.

This is the reason each state has strict traffic laws dependent on the unique circumstances of their area of authority. In Houston, moving and non-moving traffic violations are equally strict. Due to the sheer number of vehicle owners, even the smallest infraction can get you a ticket as a violation.

Driving without a license

Neither a moving nor a non-moving violation, driving without a license is one of the most serious violations against road safety laws. A license is a person’s certification that they are fit and qualified to drive.

Without a license, there is a presumption of unfitness and negligence on the part of a driver. Once a person figures in an accident and they admit to not having a license, the authorities may use this fact against them as proof of negligence and disregard for the well-being of other people.

Driving under the influence

Random checks in various corners of the state are dedicated to catching potential DUI drivers. This is considered as one of the more dangerous offenses on the road.

Driving under the influence is an offense where a person is found to be driving while drunk. Drunkenness hazes a person’s senses, making it difficult for that person to drive. Once charged, it is important to immediately call a DUI attorney, according to This is because a DUI charge can result to jail sentence or a permanent suspension of driver’s license.

With the help of an experienced attorney, your case will be fully defended. Keep in mind that when requested to stop by the authorities, it is essential that you stop and cooperate.

Hit the Golf CourseSt. George is a quaint city in the southwest of Utah on the border of Arizona. What it lacks in size and bright lights, it makes up with small town charm and natural attractions for weekend vacation-goers and business travelers.

Enjoy Nature

Hiking has many benefits for enthusiasts and beginners alike, St. George has towering rock formations and breathtaking scenery for nature lovers looking for a place to relax and unwind.

Go on a historical and hiking adventure at Zion National Park where Native Americans first lived. Tread the ancient pathways while the enormous sandstone cliffs transform from pink to red to cream as you traverse the trail. Experience the wonders of nature and the wilderness as different flora and fauna surprise you in every turn.


St. George Clarion Suites agrees that a vacation is incomplete without a relaxing stay in a comfortable suite room.

After exploring the national parks of St. George, there is nothing like spending a night or a day in a relaxing hotel that has all the facilities and amenities you need to replenish lost energy.

You don’t have to spend every day of your vacation outside exploring the city or soaking in the culture and food. There are days when you just want to laze around your room or use the hotel’s facilities. Enjoy swimming or lounging around the heated pool, spend hours rejuvenating your body in the hot tub, or breaking out a sweat after pigging out in the fitness room. A staycation isn’t a waste of time, it relaxes and unwinds a tired body and stressed psyche.

Golfing Fun

If you’re tired of exploring the national parks in St. George, hit the golf course and practice your swing. Head to St. George Golf Club for a fun round of 18-hole golf with family, friends, or strangers you meet at the club. There are other clubs, like the Dixie Red Hills Golf Course, the Bloomington Country Club, and the Zion Golf course for golfers and beginners who want to start playing.

Get Cultured

St. George is home to trails and parks with cultural significance to the area. Visit the Tuacahn Center for the Arts, or museums such as the City Art Museum, and the Dinosaur Discovery Site.

This small city along the border of Utah and Arizona has small town charm and many attractions that will make your trip memorable, whether you travel for business or with the family.

Commercial property2014 became the year of commercial property funds’ resurrection. In 2015, they are set to continue being a great option in the investment market.

If you are looking to invest small and earn big, getting passive income is the best option. With the stock market and other investments experiencing some saturation over the years, knowledgeable investors have looked at other possibilities.

The returns of commercial property funds, notes, have attracted people into investing in them. They may just be the option you’re looking for.

Commercial property funds bouncing back

Commercial property funds are making a comeback. After being content with being stable in 2014 due to the rapid economic fluctuation, commercial property funds are picking up the pace.

In 2015, investors and analysts are seeing the growth in the value and marketability of commercial properties worldwide. They expect that commercial property funds will have high returns for their investors.

Commercial property funds against inflation

Commercial property funds are consistently growing this year as they have become adaptive to inflation. Last year, the relative inactivity of these funds’ values was mainly attributable to their failure to adapt to the changing market. This year, however, properties are maintaining their good values despite the continuous shifts of the various market forces.

Commercial property funds for small investors

Small investors are able to invest in commercial property funds by a lump sum trade agreement. Smaller investors participate in group investments, with their interests clearly drawn out. Fund managers use the pooled contributions to buy blocks of properties. With a very small investment, individual investors are able to have a stake in high-end properties and enjoy the returns.

As with any investment opportunities, what is important is to be engaged for the long term to reap the maximum benefit. Putting your money into high-performing funds is a secure way of investing.

Truly a smart investment, the only downside to this is that the investment is not very fluid. It asks for a long term investment since you cannot withdraw the investment any time you please. But the advantage to these long term arrangements? Of course, it can only mean greater yield.

DownsizingDownsizing is usually a painful process because it involves letting go of things you have kept or accumulated for years. The process can be even more emotional, especially if you lived in the house throughout your life. While you desire for a minimalist lifestyle, you may find it hard to de-clutter or let go of your belongings.

Here are a few suggestions that can make the process easier:

De-clutter Early

Regardless of when you are moving, start de-cluttering early. This will help you save some money, as you’ll need fewer moving boxes and a smaller truck. Starting early will also give you the time to dispose unwanted belongings by selling, donating, or recycling. If you think that there are things you can’t let go of, recommends using storage facilities.

Take it Easy

Trying to de-clutter a huge space is exhausting, and may eventually drain your motivation. Start small and focus on areas like your closet or living room cabinets. Tackling smaller spaces over a long period of time will give you a sense of accomplishment because you can complete the task in just a few hours. This will also keep you motivated and excited for the next de-cluttering session.

Think Small

If you’re moving soon, consider a smaller space than you might think you need. Less space will force you to stay organised or use the space more efficiently. Avoid choosing apartments with extra rooms that may tempt you to keep items you don’t actually need. It also helps to visit apartments to get a feel of what it would be like to live in a smaller space.

Keep Memories

When paring down your life, it is easy to go overboard or get rid of too many items. It is important to remember, however, that it is fine to keep items that remind you of a special day in the past. These could be a few books, photographs, or the things you’d like to share with your grandchildren.

The task of sorting through and deciding on what to keep and throw away can be physically and emotionally draining. There is additional pressure if you need to complete the task on a given schedule. Storage solutions can help, but it is also wise to do some deep de-cluttering to keep your life in order.

Simplicity of contentContent is intended for your audience. Sure, it makes sense that you understand what you write, but it is more important for your audience to understand it.

A quality that your content should have is relatable. It’s easy to create relevant content with valuable information at hand, but presenting it in a way your audience can empathize with it may be challenging.

Keep these in mind as you write for the modern-day reader.


Nobody has the time to read full-length articles nowadays. It’s all about short sentences and straight to the point information.

Simple words and common analysis will help you make your information easily understandable. Putting them in context where majority or most of your readers can relate to is a sure way to keep things even simpler for consumers to understand.

Present the information you want to share in an unintimidating manner. This way your thoughts will be received with open arms and minds.

Reconsider your writing style before taking on article writing jobs to assure that your skill and style is apt for this line of work.


Staying hip and up to date keeps you relevant and relatable because everybody lives in the now. Referencing the present times will assure your readers that the information they’re getting is valuable.

This lets them relate to it even more—even on a personal level. Once you achieve that, you are sure to see your content shared all over the net.

Making pop culture references in your article can add a little spice and flavor to your piece.


Everything is on the Internet. Chances are, what you’re about to write is somewhere in cyberspace. Writing your article from a different perspective greatly affects the way you present information. It gives you a better and more distinct style—making it stand out from the rest.

Adding a little something to your article will also keep your readers engaged and glued until the end. A different way of presenting information with simple words and up to date references makes for an exceptional article.

If you think you can incorporate these qualities to your writing, then congratulations. You’re creating relatable content.

MerlionLegends and myths are a defining ingredient ofSingapore’s rich culture. Take some time to appreciatethe Lion City’s heritage and history, engraved in thesepopular narratives:

The Story of Singapura

Sang Nila Utama, the ruler of Sumatra’s Srivijaya Empire, set out on a journey in the late 13th century. Hewanted to see Temasik, then said to be a beautiful island with an incomparable white sandy shore.Fate had other plans, however.

When he was making his way to the island, he encountered a great storm that almost overturned his boat. Sang Nila Utamadropped his crown in the raging waters and immediately everything became calm.

The crew found themselves in Teluk Belanga (Telok Blangah, today). As they were getting out of the boat, they noticed a lion from afar. Overjoyed, Sang Nila Utama called the island Singapura, or Lion City.

The Myth of the Merlion

Experts from Sentosa Merlion say that Singapore’s tourism icon is a depiction of both the legend of Prince Sang Nila Utama’s discovery of lion (singa) and city (pura) and the fishing village of ‘Temasek’, also known as ‘sea-town’ in Javanese. Here’s the story of Temasek and the gigantic sea beast:

One night, loud winds and crashing waves woke the villagers in Temasek. There was total darkness in the village, as the dark clouds covered the light coming from the moon and the stars. Then, a bright light shone from the ocean and a big creature, half lion and half fish roared. The villagers witnessed a great battle between the beast and nature.

When the winds died down, waters became calmer, and the sky cleared, the sea monster emerged as the victor in the battle, standing proudly on Mount Imbiah of Pulau Belakang Mati (modern-day Sentosa).

The Folktale of Pulau Blakang Mati

Sentosa was once known as Pulau Blakang Mati. Blakang Matimeans “Behind Death” in Malay. There were many legends as to the reason behind the name. One version says that the name refers to piracy and bloodshed nearby. Another account explains that it is a “paradise of warrior spirits” because of the bodies buried at Pulau Brani.

Singapore’s folklores, myths and legends make up its rich culture.For travellers who like exploring heritage and history, the Lion City should definitely be on your travel bucket list.

Visiting IsraelEveryone has a tendency to feel lost and alone sometimes. Many things could trigger these feelings; jealousy, frustrations, devastating news, financial issues and a lack of faith are just a few examples. Most people fall into sorrow because they feel something is missing or they cannot get what they want.

Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, refocus your mind. One thing that will help you forget about all your worries is to go on vacation. Go somewhere you can relax, recharge, and reflect on things. For many, Israel is the perfect place to go. Imagine yourself eating Mediterranean dishes, enjoying scenic views, learning about its rich history, and rediscovering your faith. What’s great about Israel is that it can take you to wonderful sites significant to the LDS faith.

If you’re going to plan your travel soon, the following is a guide on where to go and why it is worth visiting:

Tel Aviv

Choose an LDS Holy Land tour that will allow you to explore the wonders of Tel Aviv. Year-round sunshine, stunning beaches, the gallery scene, and museums are some of the things that make this city worth inclusion on your travel list. Make the most of your visit by taking a walking tour of Jaffa. The calming atmosphere of the place will reinvigorate your faith and teach you how to appreciate life.


Your next stop should be the sacred town of Nazareth. Visit the Church of the Annunciation, explore St. Joseph’s carpentry shop, and see what’s in the Synagogue Church. Take time to listen to lectures, share your sentiments, and participate in activities that make the experience meaningful.

Valley of the Doves

End your vacation by going to the Valley of the Doves to experience the route used by Jesus when he traveled to and from Cana and Nazareth. Next, visit the Mouth of Beatitudes and enjoy an inspiring devotional.

Israel continues to attract global attention, especially for LDS families. Learn about the destination for a more memorable trip.

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