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Office Design in PerthCompany managers have access to data about the effects of workplace design on an employee’s productivity and well-being. As such, the traditional approach is losing popularity. The most successful business organisations owe a huge part of their success to contemporary workplace design.

Fostering employee engagement

Do you want all your workers to create value for the company? It helps if they feel motivated enough to invest 100% on their tasks. The key is to promote engagement. These days, says office design specialists have the ability to work environments that boost employee engagement. An office refurbishment costs money, but you will be investing on improvements that foster a boost in profits.

Space design based on activities

If you’re in the process of planning the layout for a workplace refurbishment, it is important to realise that the one-size-fits-all thinking is obsolete. Modern offices should offer employees different areas. These niches will allow them to fulfil the varied tasks they perform during the day.

The most productive settings offer a mix of private enclaves and open areas for intra-office collaboration. Contemporary layouts may include a library and coffee bar. Instead of a single workstation for each worker, you may go for activity settings that are accessible to everyone. These purpose-built areas are very much in tune with the multi-faceted nature of many jobs.

Bigger is not better

The rising cost of real estate is a huge concern in urban areas. Smaller offices are much more affordable. They also facilitate workplace efficiency. The challenge for designers is to make the most of every cubic metre of space. The shift from ‘bigger is better’ is also fueled by the desire of many organisations to lower their carbon footprint. It is easier to operate a business entity based on sustainable principles if the area is small.

Flexibility, adaptability and efficiency are some of the key principles used by office design specialists. Your organisation is bound to benefit from a contemporary approach to workplace design.

Choosing Your Event TentVenue is one of the most important things to consider when holding a big event, such as a grand wedding celebration or a commercial event. During such affairs, a tent rental can come handy. It could be more practical than luxury options, such as function halls, hotels, and restaurants.

Tent rental, however, could be quite tricky. This is especially true today, as tents come in different sizes, styles, and features. It pays to keep certain things in mind, so you get the right kind of tent for your upcoming event.

Here are some of the things to consider before you head out and find a clear span tent rental near you:

Number of guests

One of the primary considerations is the number of guests. Standard sizes of tents include 20’ x 40’, 30’ x 60’, and 40’ x 60’, but some companies offer tents of various dimensions and configurations. Needless to say, the bigger the event, the bigger tent you will need. This is why it’s important to confirm how many people will be in attendance, so you can get the right tent size.

Event amenities and features

What you plan to set up in the event venue is also a factor. How many tables and chairs do you plan to use? Are you planning to have a small photo booth, a mini stage, or a DJ area? How about the buffet table, bar, or drinks station? Plan these things ahead, so you can use the space wisely and get the right tent.

Tent features

Tents come in different styles – some have center poles for a more stable structure, others like clear spans and frame tents don’t. If you don’t want to hinder views inside the venue, consider getting one without poles. Never forget the stability of the structure, though. Make sure it’s safe enough and resistant to outdoor elements.

A good tent rental company must be able to help you choose the perfect tent for your event. Choose a rental service that can give you excellent choices at a good price.

Kinds of Liquor to Serve at WeddingsNo wedding is memorable without alcohol. There will be no toasts without champagne, and no ecstatic guests without wine. Liquor is the essential drink when it comes to life-changing events, and deciding what kind of alcohol to serve on your wedding is important.

You have bought booze for birthdays and holidays, but choosing the right kind for your wedding is a completely different story. You have to consider the food on your menu and make sure that it works with the liquor you are planning to serve. If it does, how many bottles should you purchase? Après Party and Tent Rental suggests finalizing the number of guests to assure that you won’t run out of alcohol before the reception ends.

Once you’re done planning, it’s time to do the picking. Here are three kinds of liquor to serve in your wedding.

The Crowd’s Favorite: Beer.  Most drinkers prefer beer because apart from the low alcohol content, beer is very easy to gulp down. Get at least two types of beer – one that is light to taste, and another that is strong but pleasing. Guests who occasionally drink beer will most likely enjoy the light one, while regular beer drinkers will take the strong kind. If you have more than 200 guests, purchase a keg that can hold around 150 bottles. If you’re expecting a lower number, go for separate cans instead.

The Classics: Red and White Wine. Keep your wedding classy with a variety of wine. Red wine goes well with red meat so if you’re serving steak, red wine should definitely be on your list. Seafood and chicken are best with white, so better not miss this, too. Set a budget for wine since the drink can be expensive sometimes. Start with $10 or $20 per bottle, and build your budget from there. It is also wise to contact a wine dealer that can give you a good discount.

The Essential Bubble: Champagne. Apart from the toast, champagne can also substitute beer. Most non-drinkers enjoy the champagne’s lightness and sweet taste. It also goes well with appetizers, since the drink compliments a variety of dishes. If you are the kind who dislikes champagne because of its redundancy, sparkling wine, which is much cheaper than red and white wine, is also a good choice.

Sometimes, the right alcohol can turn an OK wedding to a perfect one. Estimate your number of guests, and the amount you are willing to spend on drinks. This way, you will not overspend and worry about running low on alcohol.


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