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Sentosa Island in SingaporeThere is more to Singapore than just Sentosa and the Merlion. There are so many things to do that it will take you more than a few days just to enjoy the urban and natural attraction in this buzzing metropolis.

In fact, aside from the one in the Merlion Park, there is also a larger Merlion in Sentosa Island that is equally iconic. And this one is open to the public!

If you are here in Singapore, here are just some of the things you can enjoy in this wonderful city-state.

Hawker Centre

One of the best ways to get a taste of most of their local delicacies is at a hawker centre. Singapore has an amazing plethora of street food, which you can have a sample here.

Gardens by the Bay

If you are looking for an escape in the urban jungle, then Gardens by the Bay is the best place for you. It is conveniently located in Marina Bay and has a variety of activities for urban adventurers.

Here you can find the Supertree Grove. It is the most famous landmark that features at least 18 supertrees that support a 419-foot-long aerial walkway.

Marina Bay

Next to Sentosa Island, most people also consider the district of Marina Bay a tourism epicentre. It houses several attractions such as The Float at Marina Bay and the ArtScience Museum. You will also find the Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Flyers near the area.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo has at least 12 exhibits that give you a glimpse of various wildlife settings. You can even go on an adventure at the Primate Kingdom and see at least 39 species of primates.

The Singapore Zoo is famous not only for its collection of wildlife variety but because of how animals appear to be well cared for as well.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer offers visitors a 360-degree view of the country’s urban landscape. It is also considered as Asia’s biggest observation wheels that give visitors a glimpse of its neighbouring countries from the highest point.

These are just some of the places that you can go to when you visit Singapore. The country has a lot more surprises aside from those mentioned here. What are you waiting for? Discover the country and everything that it has to offer now!

Woman smelling stinky feet

Smelly feet can affect almost anyone. The usual causes of this condition are wet feet or sweaty ones. By not taking steps to address this, you may be turning off a lot of people, even friends and family. They may have trouble taking you seriously because of it.

Any person who wants to have better social standing among their peers must be conscious of how their body smells. The following tips are effective in ensuring that your feet will not emit an undesirable odor.

Wear leather shoes

Sometimes, your choice of footwear causes your feet to smell. To make sure this does not happen to you, you must pick out shoes that will not trap the moisture inside. Leather shoes are effective for this purpose. Leather is porous and breathable, which will decrease the chances of your feet sweating too much.

Examples of great looking leather shoes are men’s cowboy boots you can buy from vendors such as A.A. Callister.

Wash feet every day

Washing feet on a daily basis takes out the dirt accumulated in this part of the body after a long day. It removes most, if not all, of the odor-causing bacteria in the feet. Use warm water and soap for this. After washing, make sure that it is dried off properly.

Trim toenails regularly

Do not underestimate how many bacteria you can keep in your toenails. Because of this, make sure to trim your nails at least once every week so that there will be fewer chances of dirt staying long beneath them.

Use talcum powder

Talcum powder is a miracle worker as it can neutralize the odor of almost any part of the body. Apply them to your feet every morning and every evening.

If you have smelly feet, you should act on it right away. Otherwise, other people may have negative things to think about you, which you should not want.

Gold jewelriesWhether you’re looking for a wedding band, an engagement ring, or simply a gift for your significant other, buying the right ring is a must.

Finding a jewelry store in Salt Lake City is easy, but choosing the right ring can be tricky. To help you better evaluate which is the right one, certain questions have to be answered by your jeweler. There are no right or wrong answers, as the answers should match your personal preference.

Is it the right size?

Your ring should complement the size of your finger. It should not be too big that your finger is covered, or too small that your skin overpowers it. The best way to know which size suits you is to try it. If it’s going to be a surprise, you should still get the perfect fit.

Is the ring resizable?

Some rings can be resized easily with some push and pull, while others need a professional jeweler to adjust it. Easily resizable rings is a good option if you don’t know your actual ring size, or would want to wear your rings for a long time. Note that body shape changes and that includes your fingers, so having a resizable one would be practical.

What kind of stone do you want?

Engagement rings usually have diamonds, but some women would like to go with a different kind of stone. Before choosing your stone type, do some research to know what type of stone is best suited for your taste and lifestyle.

How much is it?

Do not forget to set aside a budget. Rings and good quality jewelry, in general, do not come cheap and should be a good investment.

What kind of maintenance does it need?

Some jewelry is hard to maintain, while others can easily be cleaned with a cleaner and water. Before deciding what type of ring to buy, make sure you are aware of its maintenance procedures.

Find the right jeweler and jewelry for you with the help of these informative questions.

Old house in a UK countrysideCornwall is a sunny county in the United Kingdom known for its beaches and fishing villages. Its picturesque land and seascapes make it one of the most fascinating places in the UK.

Here, you get two types of coasts: the wild Celtic Sea and the calm Cornish Riviera. If you would like to see the breath-taking sights, learn a bit about Cornwall’s history and experience the unique culture of the Cornish people.

Here are your best stops:

Bodmin Jail

If you want to step into the dark side of Cornwall, Bodmin Jail is the place for you. In the 18th Century, this massive prison, which was built by prisoners of war, was the venue for executions. Today, it is a popular destination for those seeking paranormal events in the UK. A trip to Bodmin Jail is a great historical tour as well because it lends insight into the lives of the poorest, most troubled members of the Victorian society.

Camel Valley Vineyard

Take a sip of exquisite wine in countryside patios overlooking sprawling greens. Travel reviewers swear the experience is as lovely as it sounds. The Camel Valley Vineyard is world renowned for the extraordinary quality of its red, white and sparkling wines.

The Isles of Scilly

Off the Southwestern tip of Cornwall is a group of inhabited islands called the Isles of Scilly. These are fishing and farming communities, so expect to be welcomed with the mouth-watering lobsters and the freshest produce. Flowers likewise add to the islands’ breath-taking views. The scented narcissi from Scilly is beloved all over the world.

Wild Food Foraging

Foraging is a way to connect with the environment by searching for food in a safe way. Sign up for a guided tour during your trip to Cornwall.

These are just some of many fantastic activities you can do on your vacation in this county of remarkable natural beauty. Plan your next vacation and consider Cornwall as your destination.

Singapore city skyline at nightConsidered as one of the cleanest and safest places in the world, Singapore has long been a popular destination for holidaymakers. This Southeast Asian city-state and island country boasts of a perfect mixture of architecture, culture, history and nature.

Below is a list of cool places to visit in Singapore, which you should not miss on your next trip:


This popular island resort screams leisure and relaxation. Known as the State of Fun, it boasts of a vast array of attractions for all ages, including beaches, nature trails, spas, restaurants, adventure and theme parks, entertainment and more. This premier destination is the perfect place for you to kick back, relax and enjoy a day or week out with your loved ones.

Night Safari

The Singapore Night Safari, the world’s first wildlife night park, is home to nocturnal creatures from eight geographical areas. You can hop on a tram or join walking tours to familiarize yourself with the creatures that thrive after the sun sets. These include spotted hyenas, clouded leopards, pangolins, tapirs and river hogs.

Clarke Quay

If you are a night owl but would rather party with people instead of embarking on a night safari, then Clarke Quay is the place to go. Singapore’s famous party hub is host to a wide selection of themes and attractions that come to life after sundown. Originally a centre of commerce, it is now a labyrinth of restaurants, concept bars, pubs, retails stores and recreation outlets.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is probably the most popular place in Singapore. This picturesque area offers a spectacular view of Singapore’s prime waterfront site with iconic hotels, skyscrapers and attractions.


Chinatown is both a gastronomic and shopping paradise. Aside from housing historical attractions, it is known to have the cheapest souvenirs. It is also home to numerous restaurants and hawker food vendors. So if you are looking to satisfy your authentic Chinese food cravings, then this is where you should go.

Surely, Singapore offers something for everyone, whether you are a nature lover, history buff, backpacker, city tripper, adventure seeker, sightseer, shopper or food lover.

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