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Couple with a real estate agent

When lenders repossess a property through foreclosure, they’re looking to sell the property as soon as possible. However, because lenders are not exactly experts in selling, they enlist help from real estate agents to market foreclosed properties. While purchasing a foreclosed house through multiple listing services can save you a tone of money, it can also turn into a nightmare. That said, below are tips to ensure that you get a real bargain:

Make sure that your financing is ready to go

Majority of market players, such as the Federal National Mortgage Association or Fannie Mae, require that purchasers submit mortgage preapproval letters alongside their purchase offer. Most will reject contingencies. Because most foreclosed properties are vacant, expect closing to be very quick so that you will need to have the money you need to close the sale should you win it. Consult with a loan officer from a top mortgage firm in Utah to be clear about this.

Work with a foreclosure expert

You can look around for real estate brokers who specifically sell foreclosed properties for lenders or agents who can hunt foreclosed houses for you. Once you have your shortlist of candidates, ask to see their portfolio, specifically how many clients they’ve worked for that involved foreclosed properties, how many foreclosed properties they’ve sold for lenders, and how many of those transactions they’ve competed in the past year at least.

Figure out how much you can comfortably afford

Ask your broker to show you completed transactions of comparable properties to help you work out how much you can expect to spend on a foreclosed home. Begin with a price that’s significantly under market value since the lender will probably in a hurry to sell the property.

Be prepared to purchase an “as-is” property

Majority of homeowners naturally stopped doing regular maintenance on their houses before they can no longer afford to pay their monthly mortgage payments. That said, make sure that you have ample money to do at least some small repairs if you purchase a foreclosed property. While lenders might make some cosmetic repairs for staging the property for potential buyers, they won’t make extra or major repairs since they have already factored in the “as-is” or current condition of the property into the purchase price. To protect yourself, order a professional inspection to determine the property’s true condition, get environmental and pest inspections, and buy a warranty as well.

Expect some complications

Real estate agent with client

Some states allow former owners of foreclosed properties to challenge the sale even after you’ve successfully completed it. While this isn’t that common, it’s best that you work with a real estate lawyer with ample experience in foreclosure so that you can learn about the foreclosure laws in your state and potential risks of buying a foreclosed property.

Put simply, while there’s money to be made with buying a foreclosed property, you must know and understand exactly what you’re getting into and select a property carefully. In addition, research your funding options and never neglect the basics that make a home worthy of your money just because of the lower purchase price.

Work surface and kitchen equipment in professional kitchen

Do you own a restaurant or some kind of catering business? If so, then you might be aware of how huge energy bills can get when it comes to running one. Having numerous types of kitchen equipment run for several hours can cost you a lot, which is why you would want to make sure that you do everything that you can to save up on energy and electricity.

Here, we will discuss a few tips on how you can save energy when dealing with your catering equipment in Kent.

Clean and Maintain Your Kitchen Equipment

Unclean and unmaintained kitchen equipment has the tendency of working twice to thrice harder than a clean and maintained kitchen equipment. If you do not know how to properly clean your kitchen equipment, then do no try to do it yourself, as you could do more harm than good. Call a professional and have them service your equipment so you can be sure that it will be properly cleaned and maintained.

For sinks and other equipment that uses water, make sure to use a water filtration system to prevent all the gunk and mineral deposits from building up.

Try to Use Less Heat

Every restaurant needs to have hot water, especially since this is the correct way to wash your dirty dishes. However, the mandatory washing temperature in the foodservice industry is at about 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything that is hotter than that is unnecessary.

Try to lower the water temperature to make sure you save energy when it comes to the heating systems in your kitchen. Work smart and set the right setting.

Turn the Faucet Off When Not in Use

Water is just as important as electricity, if not more important. Get some kitchen equipment that you know will help you save water — like a pre-rinse spray valve, for example.

man using kitchen sink

In addition, you might want to fix leaky pipes and repair holes in your kitchen equipment. You should also tell your staff to turn off the faucet if not in use, especially during rinsing cycles.

Be Mindful of the Equipment and Lighting

This might be common sense, but most people tend to forget to practice this trait. Be mindful and turn the lights and equipment off when not in use to make sure that your energy bills will go down.

Aside from the energy bills going much lower, you will also extend the lifespan of your lights and kitchen equipment by turning it off when no one is using it. You can also turn the timers on when it comes to your outdoor lighting to save a little bit more energy.

When it comes to saving energy bills, mindfulness always comes into play. Be aware of what you are doing and what systems are not in use, so you can attend to them or turn them off instantly. Training your staff and letting them in on these secrets will also help save money on energy bills and keep the equipment last way longer.

Interior Designing

Choosing and buying different types of furniture for your office is always an exciting task (at least for most adults). However, choosing the right office furniture is not all fun and games. You have to think about the ambience, whole office space, quality of the furniture, comfortability, and a whole lot more.

This is the reason it is important to hire an office interior designer, especially if you do not consider yourself having a good eye when it comes to choosing office furniture and designs. Here, we will give you a couple of tips on how to properly choose a company that offers office interior design services to make sure that you will find the right one.

Talk to Their Past Clients

Ask the company for a couple of referrals that you can contact. They should have the contact information of some of their clients, although some or most of these might be confidential and they would not be allowed to give it out to you.

Look at their website to see if they have reviews from other clients. Read these to get a good grasp of their work ethics. If they do not have reviews on their website, then visit their social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Look for comments from past clients and see what they are saying about the company.

Ask for Some Samples

The first thing that you should ask from an office interior designer is their experience. You definitely would want to get someone who has enough experience and the industry and has handled a couple of clients in the past. Ask about a couple of samples from their past projects. They most likely will have these on their website, but if they do not, then go ahead and ask them for it.

modern office interior

You should also ask for their credentials, as well as their licenses and certifications. A good and legal office interior designer can confidently show their certification and licenses to you without hesitation.

What Resources They Will Use

Before hiring them, make sure to ask about their resources and the tools they will use. If they have been around for quite some time, then chances are they will have access to a lot of great resources.

They should also have a lot of staff members who are knowledgeable about the job, as well as subcontractors that can help them with the project. You should also ask about the tools that they would use for the job, as this will determine the success of the project.

The Turnaround Time

This factor is especially important if you are trying to finish a project as soon as possible. Ask the company and their staff when they can start and finish the job, so you would know what to expect. Brief them about what you need when it comes to the office interior design so they can give you an estimate of how long the project will take.

Determine your budget before going on a hunt for the right office interior designer. Do not go over budget, as this can cause problems in the future. After determining your budget, then go ahead and look for a company that has a price range around your allocated budget.

Group of cheerleaders in action

The spirit of unity a sporting event fosters is undeniable. Usually, no matter how diverse a school or community is, its members are still able to come together and cheer for a common team. Keep this team spirit alive, beyond game season, by bringing your school’s athletes and non-athletes together at fun and interactive events.

Bring in Influencers

Inviting athlete speakers to do campus visits is a good way to motivate not just student-athletes but non-athletes as well. Depending on their preference, you can ask them to do a short training course or to speak during a pep rally or a school culminating activity.

Talks with sports personalities are usually engaging, allowing the students to interact and ask questions. Frequently, well-known athletes have had their fair shares of experiences – good and bad – and have platforms and advocacies that they specifically talk about. These include diversity, fitness, faith, and other important issues in society today. Addressing key factors in society encourages even non-athletes to be active at these events.

Stay Active

Social media is a growing platform where people can express and share anything with a vast audience, in an instant. Encouraging the student body to show their team spirit on social media. This could even prompt other students to join in on the fun and cheer for the school’s team. This may even be a tool for promoting your school’s team to the community and get them even more involved with supporting and attending games.

You may create a fun hashtag in support of the school’s team that can be used to browse photos and videos from games and events. Compile these and show them during victory parties for the student body to reflect on the support and teamwork they shared.

Promote Wellness

Aside from training clinics and motivational talks, health and wellness conventions are also beneficial to the entire student population. Athletes and non-athletes alike should be aware of proper diet, exercise, and emotional and mental support in order to function properly in academics and sports. Teachers and coaches should also be educated in giving the right amount of support and guidance to their students, not only focusing on physical health but on mental wellbeing, as well.

young people dancing preapring for competition

Creating a healthy and positive environment will surely boost the overall morale and team spirit on the campus. And, spirited students are typically more positive and are more likely to become achievers.

Show Your Team Spirit

Before games, hold a fundraiser. Propose to have a school fair where you and student entrepreneurs can sell items that show team spirit. The profit can be used to improve school facilities and fund victory parties and other school events.

Hold a design-making contest for the student body and have the winning designs printed on shirts, caps, and other accessories to be worn during games. By having the students wear the school’s colors and logo, you evoke a sense of pride in them. This also motivates your school’s players to do well knowing that their fellow students support them.


Don’t forget to celebrate and have fun. Acknowledge the entire school’s effort in victories and encourage improvements and lessons in losses. Showing that your school’s athletes have a strong support system, no matter the results in the games, only inspires them to do better. Hold thanksgiving parties and be sure to recognize the unity and bond of school spirit. Celebrating small and big victories, alike, stimulates spirit and a sense of achievement among students.

In the digital age of connecting through the Internet and having fewer actual interactions, promoting school spirit increases the civil and social involvement of teenagers. By attending games and sports activities, they will find that students athletes and non-athletes have common interests, and stimulate a more harmonious and united student body.

Planning your funeralThe traditional Victorian funeral with the horse-drawn hearse, a burial in a churchyard, and people wearing black is rapidly dying out. Now, people want to design their own funerals and scatter their ashes where they please.

Directing one’s own funeral down to the smallest detail is becoming the latest trend. Crying mourners, drab black clothing and sombre graveyards are too morbid for some people who would prefer that their final send-off be a celebration of their life. With pre-paid funeral packages, they can tailor their goodbye ceremony to fit their personality and values.

Fancy Dress Funerals

If formal dress is not their thing, they could insist guests wear something more fun. Funerals have been carried out with guests dressed as Vikings, Star Wars and Only Fools and Horses characters. Superhero dress-ups are also gaining attraction, so if the decedent was a Marvel or DC fan, the family could ask the guests to dress as Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Women or the X-Men. The dress can be used to accentuate the interests of the deceased.

At-Home Ceremonies

Approximately one in three funerals now takes place away from a church or crematorium, being arranged instead at the deceased’s former home or back garden. This brings a level of intimacy that more formal funeral arrangements cannot bring and allows family and friends to remember them in their own way. They can also save money by making tea and sandwiches instead of paying for an expensive reception venue.

Scattering Ashes Almost Anywhere

More than 70% of British people choose cremation. One of the reasons for this is the versatility it brings. Ashes can be scattered almost anywhere. Requests have been made to scatter them at football clubs, cricket grounds, in woods, on mountains or wherever the person’s favourite spot was. Scattering ashes at sea is also possible for beach lovers or keen sailors.

No matter how they would like to do it, having a pre-paid funeral plan will allow people to organise every detail just like a wedding.

laser cutting of metal plateLaser cutting has become a conventional cutting method thanks to the precise cuts that the technique offers. When buying a laser cutting machine for your application, multiple factors come to mind.

Some of the essential features to consider in a CO2 laser cutter machine include:

Software Requirements

Different machines have varying software requirements. Some machines have a CAM software which you should familiarize with before using the machine, and other machines depend on a driver to facilitate communication between the machine and a computer.

Floor Space

These cutters take up floor space in your workshop. But there’s more to the space that the machine will take up. You need space for the ventilation and cooling equipment and for the computer which you will be using to control the machine.

Ventilation and Cooling Requirements

Some machines require systems to perform the ventilation and cooling tasks. These systems can come together with the machine, or you can acquire them differently. These systems increase the complexity of machine operations and maintenance routines.


You may require extra accessories for your machine to enjoy more functionality benefits from the machine. Such accessories include rotary tools to work on round objects.

Machine Output Power

A powerful laser means that the machine can cut through dense materials. Also, the power output of a machine equals the speed of work you can expect from your machine. The output power of machines varies from below 40 watts to above 100 watts. Your application will dictate the power output you require from a machine.


The price of laser cutters depends on the size of the machine and capabilities. Your requirements could dictate the laser cutter you should get, but your budget could be a limitation.

A co2 laser cutter is an investment for your business. You will enjoy faster cutting turn-around times, precise cuts, and increased production. Even then you need to consider your current and future requirements to help in choosing the most appropriate cutter to acquire.

group of senior citizen with a therapistSince older people are in the last quarter of their lives, they are no longer at the peak of their physical strength. They are more likely to get illnesses, and their internal organs will no longer be as good at doing their tasks as before. Older people are also highly susceptible to accidents that can endanger their lives. These are four ways to ensure that your senior loved ones are healthy and safe:

Visit the Doctor

One of the body systems that experience a massive decline when the person reaches their 60s or 70s is the cardiovascular system.

Seniors need to visit a cardiologist so that their heart and blood vessels will be checked. Go to the clinic of an expert in cardiology so that their cardiovascular health will also be taken care of.

Encourage Them to Exercise

Even when a person is already old, the family should still encourage them to exercise. This helps a lot in the prevention of significant illnesses and ailments. It also improves the flow of blood in other parts of the body. Seniors can jog or walk around the neighborhood, which is not too strenuous.

Increase the Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

You can genuinely rely on fruits and vegetables. They give the body a lot of vitamins and minerals. That’s not all. They also contain fiber, which is essential in the digestive process. Plus, they do not have too many calories. Eating fruits and vegetables helps seniors stay healthy.

Get Enough Sleep

Regardless of your age, sleep is essential. This is when the body regenerates. Sleep as many as six to eight hours per day so that you will be energetic. Not getting enough sleep can lead to looking more tired. As a result, you will have drier skin and darker eye bags.

When a person is already older, they will be susceptible to disease. Families have an important role in slowing their aging process.

LawyerWhile lawyers handle the matter of resolving a court case, they rely on paralegals to accomplish other legal tasks. These include conducting legal research, drafting documents, organizing files, and any other delegated tasks a lawyer is usually responsible. In fact, according to the American Bar Association, they can improve a lawyer’s practice by fostering cost efficiency in some ways.

Clerical and administrative tasks may make up most of their responsibilities, but paralegals also perform other duties that can increase a lawyer’s chance of winning a case. Paralegal schools share how they can contribute to a lawyer’s victory:

Collect evidence

Paralegals gather crucial court evidence by obtaining support documents and contacting resource persons. They also go the extra mile by handling the personal concerns of the clients, while offering encouragement and reassurance, especially those who are emotionally traumatized. Paralegals, particularly trustworthy ones, can encourage people to open up or share crucial information.

Help prepare arguments or formulate a defense

Paralegals know that even smallest detail can affect the outcome of the case. This is why lawyers can rely on them to draft pleadings, conduct legal and factual research, organize files, review client files, interview witnesses, and assist at trials and closings. Most of these tasks are necessary for preparing arguments and formulating the best possible defense.

Offer assistance in pro bono activities

With the employment of paralegals, lawyers and law firms will have the ability to provide more pro bono services just as legal paid services. Paralegals can be relied on to perform important legal tasks that would otherwise be performed by a lawyer. This can then offer savings, as well as professional development.

With a wide array of task paralegals can perform, they make a great addition to a competitive legal team. Apart from helping lawyers achieve success, they also help law firms provide better services by positively transforming the lives of clients. This is why no one should hesitate enrolling in a paralegal school or making this profession a choice of career.

4 essential products for skincareEven if you’re new to skin care, you’ve undoubtedly heard of things like “10-Step Korean Skin Care” or “Everyday Skin Care Routine.” While these things may prove effective to some, many include products you don’t really need on your skin, causing you to unnecessarily spend too much.

Too many products may even prove to be harmful to your skin. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that in 2016, they received the second most number of complaints about skin care products, next to hair care.

That’s why it’s better to only use these four essential skin care products for healthy skin and a quick skincare routine.

Facial Cleanser

While you might think your regular beauty soap is enough, it doesn’t remove all the dirt and makeup that accumulate in your pores. Because of this, you need a proper facial cleanser that has all the ingredients specifically made to remove the dirt left on your face.


Everyone needs a moisturizer, even those with oily skin. Your skin needs the extra hydration that moisturizers provide to combat the damage that exposure to the sun, harsh weather, and strong chemicals cause.


It’s not skin care if you don’t include sunscreen in your routine. Countless studies throughout the years have proven the negative effects of exposure to UV rays on the skin. Sunscreens help prevent rapid skin aging, pigmentation, and the development of skin cancer due to sun exposure.


Water is the cheapest and most natural skin care product. There’s a reason experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. It helps rid the body and the skin of toxins. Drinking water also keeps your skin naturally moisturized.

After you’ve perfected a skin care routine that involves only these four products, that is the time you may start adding depending on the needs of your skin. Just remember that no skin type is the same, so only you can tell what works best for you.

Large white tanksThese days, you can enjoy many benefits when you invest in a sturdy storage tank. First, there is no contamination since each liquid product is stored in a separate container. In addition, when you have an aboveground steel tank, you can store rainwater. Hence, you can reduce your overwhelming water bills and save money for other important equipment. Since storage tanks are very important, you have to maintain them. With that in mind, this article discusses some of the signs of a damaged tank.

Rust, Dents, and Spots

As time goes by, the tank deteriorates. Ugly spots, dents, and rust will start appearing. These marks usually indicate trouble with your tank. The best remedy that you can give to such a container is having an expert undo the marks. Remember that if rust and spots are left unattended to, they can easily contaminate your products or cause leaks.

A Faulty Vent Alarm

Some tanks come with automated features. One of them is a vent alarm. If you happen to buy such a tank and do not hear a sound when it is filled, the container is faulty. Having a professional handle the repairs as soon as possible is critical.

Pipe Clogs

Tanks have pipes to facilitate the movement of liquids. Much like plumbing pipes, they are also prone to clogs. Cold temperatures might cause the clogs. Clogs are some of the worst storage tank problems, and if you are not careful, you might end up buying a new container.

Overall, the life of your storage tank greatly depends on how well you maintain it. When it is left unattended, the damages become more costly to handle. Just remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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