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laser cutting of metal plateLaser cutting has become a conventional cutting method thanks to the precise cuts that the technique offers. When buying a laser cutting machine for your application, multiple factors come to mind.

Some of the essential features to consider in a CO2 laser cutter machine include:

Software Requirements

Different machines have varying software requirements. Some machines have a CAM software which you should familiarize with before using the machine, and other machines depend on a driver to facilitate communication between the machine and a computer.

Floor Space

These cutters take up floor space in your workshop. But there’s more to the space that the machine will take up. You need space for the ventilation and cooling equipment and for the computer which you will be using to control the machine.

Ventilation and Cooling Requirements

Some machines require systems to perform the ventilation and cooling tasks. These systems can come together with the machine, or you can acquire them differently. These systems increase the complexity of machine operations and maintenance routines.


You may require extra accessories for your machine to enjoy more functionality benefits from the machine. Such accessories include rotary tools to work on round objects.

Machine Output Power

A powerful laser means that the machine can cut through dense materials. Also, the power output of a machine equals the speed of work you can expect from your machine. The output power of machines varies from below 40 watts to above 100 watts. Your application will dictate the power output you require from a machine.


The price of laser cutters depends on the size of the machine and capabilities. Your requirements could dictate the laser cutter you should get, but your budget could be a limitation.

A co2 laser cutter is an investment for your business. You will enjoy faster cutting turn-around times, precise cuts, and increased production. Even then you need to consider your current and future requirements to help in choosing the most appropriate cutter to acquire.

Man using a computerWith almost all businesses today dependent on relevant technologies, a career in information technology can be lucrative. Unfortunately, many people are selling these services in the market that it’s hard to stand out from the competition. From constantly educating yourself to taking an A+ practice test, here are three things you can do that will up your value in the field.


One of the truths every IT professional needs to accept is that the field is constantly evolving. Every day, new technologies emerge and older ones are rendered obsolete. To remain bankable, you need to keep yourself updated. More often than not, this includes classes and certifications. Those on a budget, however, can turn to credible videos on the Internet to advance their knowledge more conveniently.


Another recourse is to get certified by CompTIA or the Computing Technology Industry Association. Founded in 1982, it’s a trade group that sets quality guidelines to ensure quality work. It’s a tough certification test that you can prepare for with an A+ practice test. This will help you to pass that test and get the certification that many companies rely on for quality assurance.


Another great way to grow is to interface and connect with your peers. This serves as much the same purpose as the first item on this list with the added benefit of potentially getting to expand your client base as well. Networking is relevant in any field but more so in IT where there are many clients to be had across your city, and other professionals might help you to better connect with these clients.

Follow these three tips and you can be sure to enjoy the fruits of a very lucrative career in an ever-evolving and expanding field.

An IT checking on a laptopThere is an ongoing discussion regarding the importance of IT certifications. Some individuals are certain that these certifications demonstrate how knowledgeable an IT professional is.

CertBlaster mentions, though, that passing an A+ certification practice test does not only display an IT specialist’s actual skill. Certifications offer the knowledge required to add more experience and verify skills to current or potential employers.

Certifications are also a great instrument to help you increase your career prospects, develop your skill levels, and improve your marketability in this economy. Here are some important reasons IT certifications are more important than ever:

Job Retention

Companies are not afraid to lose employees these days, so more people are now getting laid off. They prioritize quality employees and retain those who have the most knowledge and skills. Other than working hard to prove your worth, take the exam to improve your qualifications and secure your spot.

Salary Maintenance

The majority of companies, particularly state and city governments, request employees to accept salary cuts. A certification will ensure that these companies will pay your real worth. This way, you’ll still get enough even if they force you to take the cut.

Hiring and Promotion Eligibility

If you want to stand out from the other candidates and your competition at work, certifications are the key.

Career Improvement

The majority of IT professionals only do the tasks assigned to them. There aren’t many chances to get more challenges, responsibilities, and a salary increase unless you get the promotion. If you’re still waiting for your chance to step up the ladder, a certification might push your further.

Whether or not you believe that IT certifications prove your skill, the safest that you can do is to just take a certification exam. After all, you have nothing to lose, but so much more opportunities to gain.

A man in a Autonomous driving test vehicleIt's the age of advanced technology, and machines have come a long way since their earlier versions. Gone are the days of wheels and axles, as well as crude pulleys and levers. Today is the age of autonomous and even 'thinking' machines. This brings to mind the field of robotics, among others, which presents many opportunities for the society of the future.

Will the world be like as mainstream media puts it?

The Robotics Workforce

Robotics didn't even exist mere decades ago. To find a robotics career is as difficult as finding a Dodo bird. But now, robots are almost automatically a part of our daily lives, and companies like Tanna Partners are making finding a robotics-related job easy.

Though not like their mainstream media counterparts, today's robots are much simpler and perform straightforward tasks. They dispose bombs, visit places where humans can't safely enter, help keep valuables (and homes) secure, explore uncharted places, and even help in medical procedures.

This obviously requires a specifically skilled and experienced workforce. With that, it seems individuals pursuing robotics careers have a bright future.

There are two main career paths: be a robotics engineer or a robotics technician. Technicians earn less, though require a less rigorous academic path. As for engineers, they comprise the more advanced areas of the field. These two professionals work in many sub-fields: automation, cybernetics, medical robotics, and all processes intended to make things easier for humans. Most of the applications intend to keep human workers safe (i.e. working in chemical plants).

Changes in Daily Life

Robots are intended to help humans perform tasks and they will still likely do in the future, although the tasks will be a bit more complex. Businesses will benefit greatly from the speed and efficiency of an automated workforce.

Also, there is talk of replacing human drivers with robots for safety purposes. Today's self-driving cars are an example. A future full of autonomous cars may lead to less road accidents (and by extension, injuries and fatalities).

As for robots replacing humans? Not likely. Engineers are looking at augmentation rather than replacement. The human intellect is still superior compared to a robotic one. Creativity is not something a machine is likely to have any time soon. This leads to humans augmenting robots for better efficiency. People will still have jobs despite the emergence of a machine-focused workforce.

It's a good era to be alive in.

Website RedesignLooks are important, and your website is no exception. Your target market’s first impression of your site is the key to reaching your online business goals. The company profile, photos, videos, and blogs can affect a visitor’s decision to make a purchase. Your potential customers can quickly make judgments and assumptions at the first glance. This is the reason you need to constantly update your site’s design.

There’s more to it than making your website attractive. If you are not getting the results you want or your site’s navigation is confusing, then it’s time that you consider a redesign. But don’t make the move yet. Though it can be tempting to rush, it’s important to know first the key metrics that can affect the success of the process.


The primary purpose of your site is to let the target market know who you are, what products or services you offer and how they will benefit from choosing you. While aesthetic appeal is essential, having quality content and clear calls to action can convert visitors into customers. When you redesign, don’t forget to work on your on-page copies. Create content that helps consumers make informed decisions. As The Room puts it: “Not only do your customers need to be able to find you in the digital space, it needs to be easy for them and they need to be able to get the information they want fast!”


With the increasing number of people using mobile phones to purchase and find information, it’s important that you optimise your site for all platforms. Another reason to worry about the responsiveness of your site is Google’s new algorithm update, which uses a site’s mobile friendliness as a ranking factor. If your site’s design is not suitable for tablets or smartphones, prepare to see your traffic take a hit and your search engine rankings go down.

Load Speed

Sure, your website is easy to read and all the links are working. But does it take a few minutes to view any content? When redesigning, you need to optimise your site’s speed and performance. A slow loading website can lose customers and negatively affect your online reputation.

Keep these metrics in mind while thinking about your web redesign efforts, so you can develop a cohesive plan. Make the move successful by knowing what to do and how.

technology and gadgetsNeedless to say, the Internet has turned our lives around and ushered a new era in technology. After all, it has completely changed the way we communicate, the way we get information, the way we do certain things like reading or even watching TV or movies. And with the Internet also came quite a few gadgets that we have become completely attached to for better or for worse. In just a decade’s time, these gadgets have become a need more than a want.

First off, there is the smart phone. Perhaps the last generation to experience a world that is not proliferated by cellular phones and where the typical mode of communication is the analog phone are the kids of the 90s. Currently, we basically do everything through our phone from sending text messages to capturing precious moments with its video camera and photo applications, to even surfing the net. It has captured our imagination so completely that we can’t even part with our phones while we are with our friends. It is that life-changing.

Another very important gadget that we can’t possibly do without these days is the laptop. It makes our work so easy because of its mobility. We don’t just use it as one would do with a typewriter. Furthermore, we go online, download movies and music and communicate with people using the laptop.

Think about it, aren’t you glad you don’t need to go back to the office or the house just to type something or email a report? In fact, it has made IT services companies very useful in this age of digital connection. From our simple gadgets to online solutions, to managing our networks and data, we definitely need IT services to run our lives hassle-free.

And lastly, since this is the digital age where even music is shared digitally, how can one not have an MP3 player. It has definitely revolutionized not only the way we listen to music, but more importantly the way we get our music. With music downloads available online, it is as easy as copying it on our device.

Can you imagine life now without these gadgets? Think about it.

Video ConferencingIn an industry full of competitive businesses, everything should be fast-paced. Nobody wants to fall between the cracks, as everyone is striving to be on top, and stay on top. With the rise of diverse computer-generation, companies have joined the bandwagon of developing and refining their strategies to provide first-class services to customers.

Information is attainable with just a click of a button. Take business communications as an example; says the service of video conferencing has become a better tactic in gaining a wider audience and establishing stronger relationships.

What is video conferencing?

The innovative method is a process of conducting a real-time conference between two or more individuals at different sites to transmit audio and video data. Most companies organize their meetings in secluded rooms to discuss the status of their corporation. Nevertheless, when circumstances arise, not everyone can participate, resulting in inoperative conclusions.

Two types of video conferencing

There are two ways of using this method. First, point-to point (two person) system, where you will need to obtain a camera, microphone and speakers to perform this procedure. As the conversation begins, the system will channel it to the network and whatever images appear from the screen, will be displayed from the monitor of the other participant. It is more of a video call.

The second method is the Multipoint system. It can acquire two or more members participate in a virtual conference by way of sitting next to each other in a discussion.

Why is it better?

Video conferencing may save travel time and money, resulting in better productivity and distribution. Participants can listen, see, and communicate with other members both verbally and visually, creating a real-time face-to-face experience with less difficulty.

Technology undeniably plays a vital role in the modern form of professional development. It will continue to grow and provide both producers and consumers innovative ways of creating mechanism. It is essential to use these modern strategies to have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

air conditionEveryone knows the story of how the humble, but dependable AC came to be. It all starts with the humble inventor Willis Carrier who, in 1906, found a need to keep the air in a printing warehouse cooler and less humid so the ink could dry properly.

Fast forward a hundred and eight years and the descendants of Carriers machines are in homes across the planet. Companies such as now provide ducted air conditioning units to cool people on warm days and save them from the trials of sweat and stink. This success story has another side to it; one filled with conspiracy, intrigue, and back room deals.

Though the world will always be grateful to Willis Carrier for breathing life into cooling, he wasn’t the first. There have been many patents and inventions that strove to do the same thing, but failed for one reason or another. The most notable example is an invention that came fifty years before Carrier’s machine, and it was from a doctor by the name of John Gorrie.

Gorrie noticed that people who came from cooler climates weren’t as susceptible to infectious diseases such as yellow fever. The good doctor put his hypothesis to the test and suspended ice from the ceilings of the hospital room. The results were dramatic enough to encourage Gorrie to try to make a machine that would make a room cooler.

He built and patented an ice-making machine, which eventually became the biggest mistake of his career. Back then, the ice industry was unstoppable. The only way to get ice and get cool was through them, and nobody could do anything about it because nobody else could make ice on a large enough scale to be practical. That is until they heard about Gorrie’s ice making machine.

Ice tycoons paid newspapers to poke fun at Gorrie’s invention and make it lose all credibility in the market. The most active against the invention was the ice king of Boston: Frederic Tudor. After a massive campaign to stop the icemaker from seeing the light of day, Gorrie died penniless at the age of fifty-two.

Though Gorrie’s story ended in tragedy, it made way for Carrier to bring AC to the world. The ice kings never thought to stop him because his machine made the air less humid, and didn’t make ice. Don’t feel too bad for Gorrie though, his story is well known around cooling circles, and there’s a museum dedicated to his name and story.

IBM Simon Personal CommunicatorThe first ever smartphone in the world, the chunky IBM Simon, is now two decades old.

Reminder of the Different Era

The term “smartphone” was not yet invented when it was launched, but Simon was the first device that has the functions of modern-day mobile phones.

“The Simon wasn’t called a smartphone back then,” said curator Charlotte Connelly. “But it had a lot of the features we see today. It had a calendar, it could take notes and send emails and messages and combined all of this with a cell phone.”

The IBM Simon features a black and white LCD display and touch support with a stylus.

Information Age Exhibition

Available only in the US, the phone was created by computer company IBM. Simon cost $899 and primarily sold to business people.

The mobile phone allows users to write notes, update their calendar, create contacts, and send and receive faxes.

To celebrate its 20th birthday, the IBM Simon will go on display at London’s Science Museum in October. It is part of a permanent exhibition on the history of communication and information technology of the museum.

googlelogoGoogle Inc. has expressed their plans to reveal on Wednesday at least one set-top box and new Android software for TVs, resembling products like the Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Apple Inc’s Apple TV, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Google Set-Top Box

Google would make another shot in taking advantage of the potential market of the television.

Citing two sources who have seen the product, the newspapers said the set-top box will be powered by Google’s new Android TV software. They said it was designed for watching movies, playing games and other television content. The equipment, however, would be listed under another brand name of the company.

Google representatives were not available as of press time.

A Space On TV

Various tech companies like Microsoft Corp and Apple were vying for a space on the television arena.

In 2007, Apple introduced a $99 Apple TV set-top box, a result of a ”hobby.” Amazon revealed a $99 video streaming device called, Fire TV last April, hoping to boost the online retail business for a longer period.

Experts say the reason behind this move to conquer the television arena is because television is still considered as a top family entertainment. It was the common place for leisure activities before the dawn of smartphones and tablets.

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