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ductwork cleaning servicesWhen you own a restaurant, cleanliness should be a priority to ensure food quality and comply with the Food Standards Agency’s hygiene rating. While routine cleaning can help keep the kitchen and dining space spotless, bacteria and other contaminants may still breed in places you can’t see – your air ducts, being a good example.

Air ducts are situated throughout the establishment to maintain proper ventilation. You’ll even find some of these above ovens and other areas where you cook and prepare your customers’ meals, so air will continue to circulate in the space. With the steam from all the cooking and kitchen activities, dirt and grime may start to build-up in the ducts, which can pose dangers to both your health and the establishment’s safety.

Before opening up and starting your operations for the day, look for the tell-tale signs that you need a thorough ductwork cleaning:

Musty and Mouldy Smell

When you first walk into your kitchen and notice a mouldy or musty stench, your air ducts need a good scrubbing. Moisture from boiling water or continuous frying often travels and condenses in the air ducts, leaving small puddles in the system. The moisture, combined with dust and debris, serves as a breeding place for mould. If this continues to grow more spores, you may start experiencing allergies, eye irritation and other symptoms of too much mould exposure.

Dust Streaks

If you notice streaks of dirt on the ceiling or wall opposite of where the air blows, dust might have started to accumulate inside the vents. The continuous air flow blows out debris and small particles from the vents, causing the streaks on your walls and ceiling. The worst thing about these is they can contaminate your customers’ food. This could cost you more than your reputation if a customer complains about the quality of the food you serve and the cleanliness of your establishment.

Sudden Increase of Utility Bills

Dirty ducts not only pose problems to health and safety, but can also make a big difference on your utility costs. Debris and dirt may obstruct air flow in your vents and cause inefficient ventilation. In turn, you’ll be using more power to get cool air circulating around the room, which will only increase your monthly bills.

Before your air ducts start showing any of the signs above, hire ductwork cleaning services to maintain high standards in your business. Remember, it’s your responsibility to provide customers with good food and keep up with hygiene ratings set by food safety officers.

live toolingLive tooling is a feature that equips the turret with power-driven cutting tools such as end mills and drills. These tools perform cutting operations off-center while the work piece is held still on the spindle.

The official definition may not seem like much, but the applications of this feature allow machinists so many possibilities in their line of work. Certain cuts and holes need specific sized cutting implements in order to manufacture products with precision. It also allows secondary drilling, tapping, and end milling on the part face.

Some considerations come with using live tooling in a CNC machine, and the quality of the products hinge on how well these considerations are taken into account.

Got Turrets?

The first thing machinists need to make sure of is that they have enough turrets to match the number of static and live tools they’ll need for their operations. This takes special significance if a company is working with a 2-axis lathe system. These systems have a limited number of live stations, so it’s imperative to choose the tools you’ll most likely be using the most to fill those spots.

Cool Pumps

Some processes require or benefit from the application of coolants during the machining. If that’s a service you want to utilize, make sure the live tool holders are properly plumbed. It’s also imperative to know the pressure rating the tool holders can withstand during the process.

The most common metals that require coolants are exotic alloys that start to heat up at 1,000-2,000 psi.

Third Axis

Standard lathes that perform live tooling can only support X and Z-axis drilling and milling operations. These are the centerline axis operations; any off-center operations need a Y-axis.

Machinists will need an appropriate number of axis live tool holders to match the requirements of the process. The consideration for turrets apply here as well; choose the axis you’ll be using the most to fill those spots.


An axis isn’t a turret, though, and some will argue that the turret saying doesn’t apply. This would be correct at first glance, but adding static and live tools to the turret may create adjacent tool interference with the work piece.

Expert machinists and schools have been studying these considerations for years, and if you want to start a business in that industry, it’s wise to follow their advice.

office setupEvery employee has an opinion on which office setup works better: cubicles or open spaces. This issue, however, is a common question you’d often ask yourself as a business owner. Before you call office renovation companies in Perth, it’s important to think this through.

The truth is, both styles could work and not work at the same time. There are many aspects to look at, but in office renovation, no one size fits all. Every commercial space is unique in terms of size and other dimensions, and this means you should tailor-fit your renovation plan according to how it can improve the office atmosphere.

Here is a comparison between the two setups.


It’s okay to set up walls for your employees if you value privacy. Many workers still agree that they need their own space, and an open setup limits their access to that.

Additionally, noise is a common concern in open offices, and it is easier for your employees to work in silence should there be walls around them. Especially for trades that involve a lot of phone calls, cubicles become the more practical and efficient choice.

From an aesthetic perspective, cubicles have the tendency to make an office look smaller, but this setup actually provides a lot of space for your employees. For one, it’s easier to store files and organise documents when you have several square feet to yourself, as opposed to a single desk.

Health is also another benefit of cubicles, as employees who work in this setup are less likely to get sick. Open spaces make it easier for virus and bacteria to spread through the air, which could lead to slower productivity and more sick days for your workforce.

Open Spaces

Open offices work for a company that relies on constant communication and collaboration. As there are no partitions, it’s easier for your employees to chat and discuss projects. Your workers can be more productive when they can easily ask for help and information with what they’re working on, something that cubicles don’t really offer.

This also improves the socialisation among your staff, which could result in a livelier, closer bond leading to a more satisfied workforce.

Open office layouts are also a great way to save on renovation costs. You don’t have to tear down any cubicle walls in case you intend to redesign. It’s both a time- and a moneysaver.

Both office design styles could work, but as a business owner, you should consider which aspects you’d prioritise to come up with a practical and efficient layout for your commercial space.

glass repairThe emphasis on the functional and aesthetic values of interior design has developed through the years. Families and businesses are more discriminating, especially when it comes to safety. Details involving quality emergency glass repair immediately have a huge effect. Often, though, they only have limited options due to poor research.

Whether you want a brand-new oak door for your Mediterranean-themed interiors or other improvements like an emergency glass repair for your storefront, you can benefit from this information:

Seamless Doorway Design

An entryway should blend well not just with the façade but also with the interior design. Regardless of the quality of the door, if it doesn’t blend, do away with it. Choose a type that does not disrupt the design flow of your house. Even better if your landscape design complements the details of the door.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Doors are made to regulate entry to a property. But if a door blocks passageways or restricts movements as a result, find a replacement soon. Make sure the door model fits your doorway perfectly. For good measure, ask professional door installers to do the job.

Outside Looking In

Most modern homes have blurred the lines between what is done indoors and out. You can now have the lawn as part of your living space, for instance, by opening up the porch and keeping entryways open. The trick here is incorporating house essentials like an emergency glass or shed house without making it obvious.

Invisible Wall

You can also combine both the feel of the indoors and outdoors without breaking down any wall. Simply put up glass walls or glass doors to achieve the effect. It would feel like you have added spaces but in truth, you have just cleared away some visual obstructions.

Smart home designing goes a long way in improving the value of your property. Take everything into careful account, from the small details to major components, and you are bound to experience a new kind of living standard.

bathroom vanity unitsWhile the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a regular house, it is also one of the busiest and most cluttered. As it holds more bottles and trinkets than any other room, you need clever storage options to keep it tidy. Whatever the size of your bathroom, these ideas will help you add storage and stay organised.

Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are great for storing towels and linens. Look for new cabinets at discount furniture stores or purchase one at an antique shop. The installation for this is easy, as you can attach it to wall studs and finish the floor with moulding.

Narrow Shelves

Install or put up a narrow cabinet above the toilet. This makes use of the unused space and increases your storage options. Make sure to leave enough room between the shelf and the toilet tank for easy access to flush or toilet repairs.

Vanity Units

Bathroom vanity units provide additional storage space through cabinets and countertop space. They can keep the room clutter-free and improve your bathroom aesthetics. Learn how to select the best vanity units by visiting or the Bathrooms and More Store.

Racks and Bars

Add racks and towel bars to glass doors and ceramic tiles using stick-on products. As they are easy to apply and move, you can shift these accessories around as your needs change. You can also use suction cup-mounted towel bars as an alternative to permanent racks and bars.

Slim Shelf

If you have any space above the doorframe, mount a slim shelf above it. This provides storage for other bathroom supplies, such as extra rolls of toilet paper, bars of soap, and face towels. Use decorative bins, baskets, and glass jars for storing these items.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are an efficient way to add storage and visual appeal to your bathroom. You can place the baskets under the pedestal sink to save more room and allow easy access to toiletries. Add a unique flair in the room with wicker baskets in different sizes and finishes.

Maximise every inch of your bathroom with these storage ideas. Purchase the right bathroom vanity units, cabinets, and other storage options to create a stylish and organised bathroom.

Ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden may have released a series of leaks that threatened global relations, but he says the US can recover from this.

snowden‘System of values’

Snowden said that he is not giving up hope for America. In his words, “What makes our country strong is our system of values.”

“We can correct the laws, restrain the overreach of agencies, and hold the senior officials responsible for abusive programs to account,” added the whistleblower.

No chances of coming back just yet

In an online chat, Snowden said he would not be coming back to the US until the laws are changed. He admitted that his return to his motherland “is the best resolution” for everyone, although he later responded, “It’s unfortunately not possible in the face of current whistle-blower protection laws.”

He reasoned that the Whistleblower Protection Act does not include former government contractors like himself.

The former contractor also revealed why he exposed the NSA’s spying actions.

“It’s not good for our country, it’s not good for the world, and I wasn’t going to stand by and watch it happen, no matter how much it cost me,” said Snowden.

The whistleblower is currently in Russia. He is charged with espionage in the US.

Signaling the importance of the connected automobile as the must-have feature for today’s drivers,  Hyundai and Kia models will soon start sporting 3G wireless service this year as part of a deal with Verizon, according to several reports.

Connection on the Road

HyundaiHyundai Motor Co. will unveil a deal with Verizon Communications Inc. to provide wireless service in its U.S. cars and trucks. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis sedan, which will hit showrooms in May, will be the first vehicle to include the service, Mark Bartolomeo, a vice president at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, told Bloomberg.

Eventually, the carmaker will offer the faster 4G. Hyundai’s partner company Kia will also offer Verizon service in the near future.

Verizon has deals with Mercedes-Benz and Toyota, Bartolomeo told Bloomberg.

Connection Competition

The Hyundai-Verizon deal comes after General Motors announced earlier this month it is partnering with AT&T. Starting this summer, 2015 GM models will offer the option. AT&T hasn’t revealed any pricing details, but it will let consumers include their auto-based service to their monthly bill.

Verizon plans to do the same with Hyundai.

The first GM vehicles to offer 4G will be the Corvette Stingray, Chevrolet Volt, Chevy Impala, and Chevy Malibu. Tesla and AT&T also made a deal to bring wireless to cars.

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