Five Activities to Boost Your School’s Team Spirit

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Five Activities to Boost Your School’s Team Spirit

Five Activities to Boost Your School’s Team Spirit

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The spirit of unity a sporting event fosters is undeniable. Usually, no matter how diverse a school or community is, its members are still able to come together and cheer for a common team. Keep this team spirit alive, beyond game season, by bringing your school’s athletes and non-athletes together at fun and interactive events.

Bring in Influencers

Inviting athlete speakers to do campus visits is a good way to motivate not just student-athletes but non-athletes as well. Depending on their preference, you can ask them to do a short training course or to speak during a pep rally or a school culminating activity.

Talks with sports personalities are usually engaging, allowing the students to interact and ask questions. Frequently, well-known athletes have had their fair shares of experiences – good and bad – and have platforms and advocacies that they specifically talk about. These include diversity, fitness, faith, and other important issues in society today. Addressing key factors in society encourages even non-athletes to be active at these events.

Stay Active

Social media is a growing platform where people can express and share anything with a vast audience, in an instant. Encouraging the student body to show their team spirit on social media. This could even prompt other students to join in on the fun and cheer for the school’s team. This may even be a tool for promoting your school’s team to the community and get them even more involved with supporting and attending games.

You may create a fun hashtag in support of the school’s team that can be used to browse photos and videos from games and events. Compile these and show them during victory parties for the student body to reflect on the support and teamwork they shared.

Promote Wellness

Aside from training clinics and motivational talks, health and wellness conventions are also beneficial to the entire student population. Athletes and non-athletes alike should be aware of proper diet, exercise, and emotional and mental support in order to function properly in academics and sports. Teachers and coaches should also be educated in giving the right amount of support and guidance to their students, not only focusing on physical health but on mental wellbeing, as well.

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Creating a healthy and positive environment will surely boost the overall morale and team spirit on the campus. And, spirited students are typically more positive and are more likely to become achievers.

Show Your Team Spirit

Before games, hold a fundraiser. Propose to have a school fair where you and student entrepreneurs can sell items that show team spirit. The profit can be used to improve school facilities and fund victory parties and other school events.

Hold a design-making contest for the student body and have the winning designs printed on shirts, caps, and other accessories to be worn during games. By having the students wear the school’s colors and logo, you evoke a sense of pride in them. This also motivates your school’s players to do well knowing that their fellow students support them.


Don’t forget to celebrate and have fun. Acknowledge the entire school’s effort in victories and encourage improvements and lessons in losses. Showing that your school’s athletes have a strong support system, no matter the results in the games, only inspires them to do better. Hold thanksgiving parties and be sure to recognize the unity and bond of school spirit. Celebrating small and big victories, alike, stimulates spirit and a sense of achievement among students.

In the digital age of connecting through the Internet and having fewer actual interactions, promoting school spirit increases the civil and social involvement of teenagers. By attending games and sports activities, they will find that students athletes and non-athletes have common interests, and stimulate a more harmonious and united student body.

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