PS4-ConsoleTech giant Sony has unveiled a sample model of a virtual reality headset that would debut for its latest gaming console PlayStation 4.

‘Future of games’

At a developers conference in San Francisco, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida revealed Project Morpheus, a VR headset that the company has been working on for three years.

In a blog post, Yoshida said “VR will shape the future of games.”

No date yet

The prototype would be available to developers in the future, although Sony has not mentioned a commercial release date yet as of posting.

Morpheus mounts on the head of a player, and it sports a 1080p resolution alongside a field of view of 90 degrees.

Sensors equipped on the headgear track the movement and orientation of the user’s head, so that the image of the VR world also shifts whenever the player moves.

The first virtual reality headset to be revealed in public was the crowd-funded Crystal Cove from Oculus Rift, which was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2014.

live toolingLive tooling is a feature that equips the turret with power-driven cutting tools such as end mills and drills. These tools perform cutting operations off-center while the work piece is held still on the spindle.

The official definition may not seem like much, but the applications of this feature allow machinists so many possibilities in their line of work. Certain cuts and holes need specific sized cutting implements in order to manufacture products with precision. It also allows secondary drilling, tapping, and end milling on the part face.

Some considerations come with using live tooling in a CNC machine, and the quality of the products hinge on how well these considerations are taken into account.

Got Turrets?

The first thing machinists need to make sure of is that they have enough turrets to match the number of static and live tools they’ll need for their operations. This takes special significance if a company is working with a 2-axis lathe system. These systems have a limited number of live stations, so it’s imperative to choose the tools you’ll most likely be using the most to fill those spots.

Cool Pumps

Some processes require or benefit from the application of coolants during the machining. If that’s a service you want to utilize, make sure the live tool holders are properly plumbed. It’s also imperative to know the pressure rating the tool holders can withstand during the process.

The most common metals that require coolants are exotic alloys that start to heat up at 1,000-2,000 psi.

Third Axis

Standard lathes that perform live tooling can only support X and Z-axis drilling and milling operations. These are the centerline axis operations; any off-center operations need a Y-axis.

Machinists will need an appropriate number of axis live tool holders to match the requirements of the process. The consideration for turrets apply here as well; choose the axis you’ll be using the most to fill those spots.


An axis isn’t a turret, though, and some will argue that the turret saying doesn’t apply. This would be correct at first glance, but adding static and live tools to the turret may create adjacent tool interference with the work piece.

Expert machinists and schools have been studying these considerations for years, and if you want to start a business in that industry, it’s wise to follow their advice.

Almost every electronic company has a Bluetooth speaker on its product lineup, and it can be tough for tech novices to figure out which item they should get. Before anyone (novice or not) decides to jump down into the Bluetooth pond, there are a few things they have to consider about the product.

Bluetooth SpeakerWhat Are Your Needs

What are you looking for in a speaker? Do you need it to be sturdy, compact, or something that just looks cool? What speaker hunters need to understand is that speakers are not created equal. Certain models are produced with specific aspects in mind.

Most of them try to retain the same quality of sound, but trade-offs are inevitable, and you need to be able to live with those. With so many combinations of brands, shapes, sizes, and specifications, you can bet that there’s a speaker out there somewhere that’s right for you.

Consider (or Not) the Name

Many tech experts will advise you to go to the big name brands to ensure a greater chance of quality. This thinking isn’t entirely incorrect as it comes from reviewing and demoing a multitude of products through the years. But, it indirectly steers customers away from smaller brand products that are oftentimes just as good, and more affordable.

Incorporating Bluetooth into speakers isn’t a new innovation in any way, and most tech experts can successfully manufacture one in a small lab with the right parts. It’s inaccurate to think that the big companies have some sort of advanced research division that’s three steps ahead of everyone else.

The core of the product is common enough; it’s how it’s applied that matters now, and it doesn’t take a big budget to fulfill that.

Small Enough?

Some speakers are trying to carve a niche for themselves in becoming the most compact products out there. True, some sound quality is sacrificed, but if being able to carry a speaker around in your pocket is something you treasure, then there are options for you.

Size is a matter of preference rather than need, as even some of the larger Bluetooth speakers (not counting home audio) are designed to fit in regular bags.

Give yourself time to think about all of the options available. There are literally dozens of them, and there’s no need to rush for the first product you see. After all, the best speakers market themselves on performance, and take some digging before they’re discovered.


Deep sea fishingThere’s no better way to relax or bond than to set sail and go on a deep sea fishing trip. This type of activity assures you of a unique and enjoyable experience.

If this is your first time deep sea fishing, consider these steps for a successful trip:

Plan the Trip

Planning for the trip is useful in determining the kind of deep sea fishing you’ll do. For instance, you can join other deep sea fishing enthusiasts on a party boat or charter boat.

Ready the Gear

If don’t own or have a relative or friend who owns a fishing boat, there are many deep sea fishing tours that include charter boats with their packages. Some of these tours can provide the necessary fishing equipment as well, but make sure to find out what gear you’ll need in case they don’t.

Apart from the boat and gear, learn and prepare the bait and tackle you’ll need as well. When preparing these tools, keep in mind that different fish require different baits and tackle.

Find a Guide

When looking for a fishing guide, search the Internet, check the phone book or ask your friends for their recommendations. Once you have a working list of fishing guides, look into their deep sea fishing tour packages.

Learn about the prices and inclusions of the packages, along with the skill level they each require.

Ask Questions

Before setting out, make sure you know all the necessary details about the trip. Find out how many people will be allowed on board, how long the trip will be and what you will need to bring.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced deep sea fisher, it’s essential to prepare thoroughly for your trip. If it’s your first time, these tips are sure to be extra helpful.


EmployeePerhaps at one point in your corporate life, you have wondered aloud how your boss managed to get where he is today. Maybe you have these self-righteous and narcissistic moments, when you believe that you’re more qualified than your manager.

Here’s what you need to do if you believe you’re a thousand times better than your boss.

Understand that Not all The Best Deserve The Best

It is a big mistake to think that the people with the best technical skills should get a promotion, so that they can make the best product or service. But being good at what you do is not an absolute validation of being a good manager. Being a good manager goes beyond all that; it requires excellent communication skills, emphatic yet empathetic approach, and conviction.

Work On Improving Your Technical and Leadership Skills

Instead of badmouthing your boss, why not work on advancing your career? If you think you lack some other skills, especially when it comes to leadership, go ahead and take additional training. Get a certificate course in frontline management, for instance. If your skillset is honed, your HR and top level leaders will surely notice it.

Don’t Resent

Resenting will do no good. It will just give your colleagues a negative impression of your character. Always look for good reasons why the person holds the position. When you let go of resentment, you’ll see what the reasons are; your mind and envy only cloud your judgment.

Find a New Job

When you’ve done all and understood all, maybe it’s the right time to rethink your career plan. If your boss is not that adept at technical and leadership skills, maybe the problem is in the upper management and in the way they screen leaders. Just give yourself some time before finalising your decision. If you think things will not change after the given time, it’s time to go.

Yes, you can be better than your boss when it comes to technical skills, but the only thing that creates the vast distance between you and him is leadership. Use this as your point of decision, and if you think you’re wrong, humbly accept your fault and work on improving yourself. Find a mentor or take a course in frontline management.

The Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) recently revealed news of their new visa exemptions at ITB Berlin. This new exemption hopes to strengthen the emirate’s competitive advantage further internationally.

More Tourists to Come

dubai tourist spots

Image by Samko Pamko via Flickr

All citizens of the 28 EU member states can now enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Dubai, even if they didn’t apply for a visa previously. From March 22, 2014, the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now offering the new exemptions for the citizens of Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Growing International Market Share

“Dubai’s profile as a business events destination and compelling leisure destination is well known. DCEB’s presence at ITB Berlin focuses on a segment that utilizes and showcases both our business and leisure credentials,” the executive director on business tourism at the Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing, Hamad Mohammed Bin Mejren, said.

He added, “With plenty to do, excellent meetings infrastructure and world-class leisure facilities and events, we have an excellent incentive travel offer and are expecting this to be a segment with continued and sustained growth.”

digital artDoing what you love the most takes on a deeper meaning when it’s your job, and many digital artists can attest to that. There are some, though, who believe it does not come with hard work – that when you do what you love, everything else will follow. The truth is, being passionate about something — creating digital art, for example — is not easy.

Today, graphic artists and videographers use a variety tools to create their artwork. From the amateurs to the professionals, it helps to have these digital art toolbox essentials at hand.

Pencil and Paper

Pencil and paper look simple, and they’re a far cry from digital, but they are a must-have if you are serious about being a digital artist. Every effective idea starts from a simple sketch. With a pencil and paper, you will be ready whenever inspiration strikes. For example, you can easily make a sketch of a particular landscape or a market scene caricature with these basic tools in tow. Plus, it is easier to visualize an idea if you have something to base it upon.

Editing Applications

Digital imaging and video editing software are the modern workstations. Every piece of content you see on television and on print ads is probably made or “retouched” using one of these applications. It is important that you have the skills for using After Effects templates, rendering objects on Blender, or manipulating images on Photoshop to advance in your craft.

Other Works for Inspiration

There is no harm in looking to other works for inspiration. You can draw your fuel for creativity from them or learn a new thing or two to hone your skills. Fortunately, there are many digital art repositories and online libraries you can visit. If you need help creating quality AE templates or time lapse, for example, go online and you will find many quality works.

You must have the drive to do what you love. It is not easy, but that is exactly the reason the rewards seem more than enough. When you are passionate about creating digital arts, you look past the hardship and aim to grow and mature in terms of skills and creativity. Besides, with these tools, you are set to do greater things.

Kids playing jumpropeIt’s alarming to know that many children nowadays choose to confine themselves to the four corners of their rooms playing video games or immersing themselves in social media instead of going out. According to a clinical psychologist, play is a necessity and not a luxury. As a parent, you should encourage them to play games that will have positive effects on their well-being. Get your kids to play these games and have them live a healthier lifestyle:

Kick Scooters

Grit kick scooters are ideal for physical exercise. These teach your kids how to balance and coordinate their body. Playing on these can also improve cardiovascular health and muscle strength. It’s much safer than riding a bike because your kids can use their feet to stop.

Wiffle Ball

This is similar to baseball, except that your kids will be using a lightweight plastic bat. It’s easier to swing and is safer for young players. You’ll need at least three people who’ll be the batter, pitcher, and catcher to play this game. This will help improve your kids’ concentration and upper body strength, especially the arm muscles.

Dodge Ball

This game helps kids improve their reflexes. By dodging the ball, they’ll learn how to react to situations immediately. If they’re the ones throwing the ball, they’ll learn how to control their throw and aim for a target.

Jump Rope

Jumping over ropes continuously teaches kids to focus and coordinate their feet at a certain speed. It has the same benefits as jumping on a trampoline, like improved cardiovascular health. If you get their playmates to jump in with them, they’ll learn how to coordinate with others.

Ultimate Frisbee

This teaches kids to improve their body coordination, as they run and focus on catching the flying disc. It also teaches them about correct timing since they’ll need to catch the disc using one or both of their hands. Like dodge ball, they’ll learn how to control their throw as well.

These are only some of the outdoor games that your kids can enjoy and benefit from at the same time. Skip the video games and look for durable grit kick scooters, wiffle bats, jump rope, and other recreational items to get kids to live a more active lifestyle.



office setupEvery employee has an opinion on which office setup works better: cubicles or open spaces. This issue, however, is a common question you’d often ask yourself as a business owner. Before you call office renovation companies in Perth, it’s important to think this through.

The truth is, both styles could work and not work at the same time. There are many aspects to look at, but in office renovation, no one size fits all. Every commercial space is unique in terms of size and other dimensions, and this means you should tailor-fit your renovation plan according to how it can improve the office atmosphere.

Here is a comparison between the two setups.


It’s okay to set up walls for your employees if you value privacy. Many workers still agree that they need their own space, and an open setup limits their access to that.

Additionally, noise is a common concern in open offices, and it is easier for your employees to work in silence should there be walls around them. Especially for trades that involve a lot of phone calls, cubicles become the more practical and efficient choice.

From an aesthetic perspective, cubicles have the tendency to make an office look smaller, but this setup actually provides a lot of space for your employees. For one, it’s easier to store files and organise documents when you have several square feet to yourself, as opposed to a single desk.

Health is also another benefit of cubicles, as employees who work in this setup are less likely to get sick. Open spaces make it easier for virus and bacteria to spread through the air, which could lead to slower productivity and more sick days for your workforce.

Open Spaces

Open offices work for a company that relies on constant communication and collaboration. As there are no partitions, it’s easier for your employees to chat and discuss projects. Your workers can be more productive when they can easily ask for help and information with what they’re working on, something that cubicles don’t really offer.

This also improves the socialisation among your staff, which could result in a livelier, closer bond leading to a more satisfied workforce.

Open office layouts are also a great way to save on renovation costs. You don’t have to tear down any cubicle walls in case you intend to redesign. It’s both a time- and a moneysaver.

Both office design styles could work, but as a business owner, you should consider which aspects you’d prioritise to come up with a practical and efficient layout for your commercial space.

blueprint sampleDrawings were the earliest form of written communication, and by far the most effective. Even today, complicated plans and strategies are best relayed through diagrams and charts. Visual representations of objects give people a direct comparative link between the idea, which is the presentation, and the reality produced by the execution.

Even with the direct nature of illustrations, however, there’s still a bit of training involved in trying to understand what certain plans actually say. Through the course of time, diagrams became more complicated, and new symbols were introduced to keep everything as simple and compact as possible.

To the untrained eye, some plans may look like nothing more than squiggles, but with a little knowledge those squiggles can reveal an in-depth plan.

The Little Things

When reading a blueprint, the dimensions of the building itself are obvious enough. But, people outside the architecture and engineering circles will rarely take note of small details such as plumbing and electrical lines. Knowing the layout of these systems is essential, especially if you want convenient access for future electrical and plumbing services.

These details can either be the easiest or the hardest parts of the planning process. Distance, access, convenience, and effectiveness are all factors of the blueprint, and the entire layout of the building can shift because of these variables.

Clash of Interests

Residential and commercial plumbing services, for example, need easy access to the pipes of some of the building fixtures, which means that they need to be exposed. This may not sit well with the design of the building, especially if the running theme calls for sleek modern or natural Zen themes. Pipes poking out of the walls would make the whole thing look unpleasant and unfinished.


Striking a balance between function and style is as much an integral part of the planning process as the materials and budget are. The challenge lies in spotting these problems while they’re still on paper; applying an eraser to the offending spot is much easier than taking a sledgehammer to a newly built wall.

Knowing and recognising mistakes is the primary reason for needing to learn how to read blueprint plans, and anyone armed with the skill has the ability to create whatever he wants without fear of messing up later on.


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