The British Computer Society recruited a network of 400 “master” computer science teachers to train other educators on a new computer science curriculum in schools across England. The specialist teachers will go to different schools and will also provide resources for educators to use in class.

New Curriculum

British ComputerThe new curriculum will replace the current Information and Communications Technology (ICT) curriculum and will start on September.

“This new curriculum will be… much shorter and less prescriptive than the old ICT curriculum and it will allow schools to innovate and be much, much more ambitious,” said Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Coding and Programming

The secretary said the old curriculum focuses purely and narrowly on computer literacy, but the new scheme teaches children information technology, computer science, and digital literacy.

“It will teach them how to code, how to create their own programs, not just how to work the computer, but how a computer works, how to make it work for you,” he said.

Signaling the importance of the connected automobile as the must-have feature for today’s drivers,  Hyundai and Kia models will soon start sporting 3G wireless service this year as part of a deal with Verizon, according to several reports.

Connection on the Road

HyundaiHyundai Motor Co. will unveil a deal with Verizon Communications Inc. to provide wireless service in its U.S. cars and trucks. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis sedan, which will hit showrooms in May, will be the first vehicle to include the service, Mark Bartolomeo, a vice president at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, told Bloomberg.

Eventually, the carmaker will offer the faster 4G. Hyundai’s partner company Kia will also offer Verizon service in the near future.

Verizon has deals with Mercedes-Benz and Toyota, Bartolomeo told Bloomberg.

Connection Competition

The Hyundai-Verizon deal comes after General Motors announced earlier this month it is partnering with AT&T. Starting this summer, 2015 GM models will offer the option. AT&T hasn’t revealed any pricing details, but it will let consumers include their auto-based service to their monthly bill.

Verizon plans to do the same with Hyundai.

The first GM vehicles to offer 4G will be the Corvette Stingray, Chevrolet Volt, Chevy Impala, and Chevy Malibu. Tesla and AT&T also made a deal to bring wireless to cars.

video camera lensModern technology affords companies many different options for marketing. One of the best techniques is motion graphics. Here are some of the best reasons to use this promotion format:

They’re Self-Explanatory

Plenty of ads nowadays focus on just being visually stunning and bears no real purpose to the explanation and clarity of a product. Remember those feminine hygiene products where all the girls seem doped up and constantly smiling and prancing around like they didn’t have a care in the world? Or the hyper-masculine body spray that makes women slaves to the scent’s trail? Motion graphics simplify details to make even the young understand complex facts.

They’re Fun to Watch

People get bored easily nowadays. Because of so many distractions, people don’t want to spend more than three to five minutes watching an informative video, no matter how factual it is. With the help of motion graphics artists from Denver, any piece of information can be made easy to understand as well as dynamic. No more flat, unimpressive presentations for your audience. Motion graphics are perfect for kids who want to learn but are struggling with their attention spans.

They’re Well Researched

Contrary to popular video formats on popular social media, it takes plenty of research and expertise to make these clips look clean, well formatted, and without any error in their information. Hours are spent gathering facts that can be used in the video itself and included as supplementary links for further study. Oftentimes, scientific videos use this type of presentation so that they can finally have a means of presenting their research without sounding obnoxious, confusing, and indulgent. The same can be said about promotional videos for your company’s services and products.

If you want to reach out to a bigger audience, use the motion graphics format in your campaigns. These videos can be easier to understand and more enjoyable to watch as they fill the minds of viewers with the truth of your advertised products and services. Say goodbye to boredom and say hello to a wider reach and possible more profits.

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