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Romance, flowers, chocolates, and fancy dinners – that’s what Valentine’s Day is usually all about. But that doesn’t mean that kids can’t participate in the celebration of the Day of Love. Handmade cards and presents go a long way toward making someone feels special. Whether the gift is for the child’s parents, grandparents, or friends, young school children can certainly get in on spreading love and light on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Card Making

Handmade greeting cards show more thought and effort than store-bought cards. Each card is a one-of-a-kind piece of art created to spark happiness in the heart of the receiver. Help your young students to craft Valentine’s cards for their parents by having a DIY card-making activity.

Provide pre-folded pink and red paper together with crayons and markers so that the kids won’t have to bring their own art supplies. After all, this will be a surprise for their parents. You may already cut hearts and flowers out of colored paper beforehand to keep them from using scissors. Stock your crafting cabinet with yarn, stamps, decorative ribbons, and other stationery items that kids can add to their cards as borders, 3D elements, or additional decoration.

Assist them in writing short but sweet messages that are addressed to their parents. Lastly, help them sign their work for a personalized touch. Their parents will surely love these unexpected gifts from their children.

Portrait Painting

Painting a portrait is a little more complicated than making a greeting card. The finished product, though, would make excellent presents for a grade schooler’s parents or grandparents. They can hang this up in their house for their friends and other relatives to see.

Make it an assignment for the kids to bring a photo of their parents or grandparents on the day of painting. Depending on the school, paints and paintbrushes can be provided or you can ask the kids to bring their own. Be sure to have a lot of matte vellum boards on hand as kids tend to get messy and may ask for a fresh sheet. First off, instruct the kids to pencil draw their relatives based on the photo that they brought. Go around the room while this is happening and help draw outlines. After this, have them trace their pencil outline with black markers so that it will be easier for them to fill the inside lines with paint. And then the fun begins: Painting the portraits. While some kids like to go avant-garde and some prefer sticking to the original colors, guide as many kids as you can so that their works of art remain neat and beautiful. Just as they did with the cards, have them sign the painting at the bottom with their names.

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Cookie Decorating

What better way to spread sweetness on Valentine’s Day than cookie decorating? Bring sugar cookies and colored frosting to the class and have the kids decorate at least 3 cookies that they can give their friends. It can be like the Valentines that kids in middle school and high school pass around, only this time it’s a fun and yummy treat for kids to enjoy. If there are extras, have them bring home some for their family or neighbors, so that they can continue to spread the love and sweetness.

By teaching kids how to celebrate and spread love, you are helping instill a sense of compassion and unity that will surely benefit them when they’re older. Year after year, make this a tradition that kids and their family and friends can look forward to.

kids with their teacherIt is essential that you choose the right school to send your little one in. There may be some schools near you, but is proximity to your home the only thing to consider here? Needless to say, it’s not.

Your child’s early education and development must be a top priority. Remember that education is vital during the formative years of young children. This is why you must carefully choose a preschool for your child. Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Know the ideal education approach

Most schools take on a specific approach in educating young minds. They offer different childhood programs guided by various educational philosophies. Examples of educational approach include faith-based and child-centered approaches.

Take time to learn about these approaches so you can pick a school that best suits your child’s learning needs and your preferences in terms of their formation and development. Preschools offering various childhood programs in Phoenix, AZ suggests to also consider the unique interests, skills, and talents of your child.

Check your options

One good way to start your search is by asking for recommendations. Get in touch with your family, friends, and neighbors and ask if they can refer you to a preschool.

Once you have a good number of options, take some time knowing the schools better. Go online and check their websites. Make a wise comparison so you can narrow down your options. The next step is visiting the schools. This should help you know the school better — its environment, the teachers, and staff. While you’re at it, inquire about their programs, the schedules, and fees. If possible, talk to parents and ask them their honest opinion about the school’s quality of education and service.

It might sound like a serious task but always go back to the fact that you’re doing this for your child and his future. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above for a successful preschool search for your little one.

a man workingLife is a journey full of lessons, and it’s just a bigger classroom with no walls. This could be a saying you’ve heard of from somewhere and thought of them as cliché. Still, when you think about it, are they truly wrong? Life is indeed full of things to learn, whether it be from your bosses, colleagues, loved ones, or even from complete strangers.

As The American Academy and other experts enumerate, here are some life skills and high school courses that could help prepare you for living in today’s society.

Digital Literacy

Being digitally literate means you know how to use a computer or a phone, specifically the programs that run on these devices. It’s important to learn how to make a Word document, a spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation because your next employment might require you to do these regularly.

U.S. Government

Learning all about the government is essential, as it makes things easier for you. You’ll understand better how this system of senators, congressmen, and elections work. You could then give more informed opinions on current events and can even spread the discussion to people who need to get these explained to them.

World Geography

For those who intend to travel frequently, knowledge of world geography is a must-have skill. Learning where places are and what their customs are could prepare you (and the people you’re traveling with) in making sure you’re not offending anybody. This also helps you adjust quickly with the locals and make your tour guide’s job easier since you already know some local info.

Financial Math

This involves applying math to real-life situations, such as calculating your taxes and budgeting your expenses. This is an indispensable skill if you plan on living independently or raising a family of your own.

Business Communication

This is a life skill that teaches you how to write, speak, and act in the workplace. This is important because good behavior is expected among employees. There will be times when you have to talk to your boss, and this skill can help you impress them with proper writing or speaking.

Everybody benefits from learning all throughout their lives. The skills above are only some of the things that would allow you to be a capable member of society.

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