Before Taking The Wireless Speaker Plunge

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Before Taking The Wireless Speaker Plunge

Before Taking The Wireless Speaker Plunge

Almost every electronic company has a Bluetooth speaker on its product lineup, and it can be tough for tech novices to figure out which item they should get. Before anyone (novice or not) decides to jump down into the Bluetooth pond, there are a few things they have to consider about the product.

Bluetooth SpeakerWhat Are Your Needs

What are you looking for in a speaker? Do you need it to be sturdy, compact, or something that just looks cool? What speaker hunters need to understand is that speakers are not created equal. Certain models are produced with specific aspects in mind.

Most of them try to retain the same quality of sound, but trade-offs are inevitable, and you need to be able to live with those. With so many combinations of brands, shapes, sizes, and specifications, you can bet that there’s a speaker out there somewhere that’s right for you.

Consider (or Not) the Name

Many tech experts will advise you to go to the big name brands to ensure a greater chance of quality. This thinking isn’t entirely incorrect as it comes from reviewing and demoing a multitude of products through the years. But, it indirectly steers customers away from smaller brand products that are oftentimes just as good, and more affordable.

Incorporating Bluetooth into speakers isn’t a new innovation in any way, and most tech experts can successfully manufacture one in a small lab with the right parts. It’s inaccurate to think that the big companies have some sort of advanced research division that’s three steps ahead of everyone else.

The core of the product is common enough; it’s how it’s applied that matters now, and it doesn’t take a big budget to fulfill that.

Small Enough?

Some speakers are trying to carve a niche for themselves in becoming the most compact products out there. True, some sound quality is sacrificed, but if being able to carry a speaker around in your pocket is something you treasure, then there are options for you.

Size is a matter of preference rather than need, as even some of the larger Bluetooth speakers (not counting home audio) are designed to fit in regular bags.

Give yourself time to think about all of the options available. There are literally dozens of them, and there’s no need to rush for the first product you see. After all, the best speakers market themselves on performance, and take some digging before they’re discovered.


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