floorThe floor is one of the most visible and used parts of a house, so its maintenance is highly important. Floorboards and floating floors made of wood, for instance, are durable, timeless, and flexible enough to meet any interior style. If the surface is fading or has dents and scratches, you simply have to refinish them and don’t have to spend on replacement.

Which Is Better: Sanding or Screening?

Home improvement sites, such as This Old House and HGTV, and flooring experts like Floor Venue, noted that the choice depends on the degree of wear and tear. Applying a new coat of polyurethane over an old finish is acceptable if the damages are shallow. If there are deep scratches and nail holes, sanding is a better choice because you can even out the surface and use fillers.

What Kinds of Flooring Can You Sand and Polish?

  1. Timber Boards – This hardwood is ideal for sanding and polishing, as you can remove the worn out layers of colours or sealants easily.
  2. Parquet – This angular, geometric mosaic flooring shows a decorative effect. It’s okay to sand and polish its surface, but you might not get the same effect again. You have to be careful to avoid ruining the colour patterns.
  3. Cork – This provides sound and temperature insulation, so it’s more sensitive to sanding. If you don’t have proper equipment, might as well leave it to the experts.

Is It Advisable to Do-It-Yourself (DIY)?

DIY projects can help you save money, but only if you do them correctly. According to Better Homes and Gardens (BHG), it’s best not to refinish the floor yourself because this job is tougher than you think. One wrong move can mean more expenses, which defeats the purpose of saving on home maintenance.

Bringing back the shine to your floor isn’t difficult. All you need is to know your own flooring system, the right maintenance procedures, and the time to hire professional services.

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mommy makeoverAccording to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the number of women undergoing mommy makeovers is on the rise. They noted that cosmetic surgeons did at least 112,000 tummy tucks in 2010 alone, which is an 85% increase since 2000. The same goes for breast lifts (70%) and implants (39%).

ASPS Pres. Phillip Haeck, MD, said that the attitude of women towards cosmetic surgery is changing. They accepted the fact that they needed help in addition to healthy diet and exercise to bring back their old physique. If you’re planning to do the same, it’s best to understand the common myths about mommy makeovers:

Myth: It’s better to undergo surgeries one at a time.

Breast lift, implants, and tummy tuck need at least seven to 10 days recovery period. If you want to undergo such surgeries individually, you should be willing to take 21 to 30 days off from daily activities. Experts from WebMD and Fountain of Youth Institute recommend a single procedure to minimize recovery time and reduce the amount of anesthesia that goes in your body.

Myth: Mommy makeovers are ideal for everyone.

Ideal candidates for mommy makeover are patients aged 18 and above. If you’re older than 40, then a mammogram is necessary before performing breast surgery. Like any other surgery, not everyone is a good candidate. It’s best to consult with your cosmetic surgeon beforehand.

Myth: You don’t need to do anything before surgery.

Mommy makeover makes it possible to achieve your ideal physique, but you should also make an effort to let this happen. If your ideal weight is 150 pounds, for instance, then try losing weight until you reach at least 10% (165 pounds) of it before undergoing surgery. Another important factor is to wait for three to five months or until your body becomes stable. Exercise for a healthy cardio and stop breastfeeding months before the surgery.

Mommy makeovers can bring back or even improve your previous look. All you need is to know the right information and if it’s the ideal procedure for you.

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encouraging child to studyIn the paper, I Hate Mathematics, children were asked to answer the question: “If math was a food, what would it be and why?” Unsurprisingly, most of the responses were negative. One student compared it to chocolate cake, saying that if you have too much, you’ll get sick. Another kid said the subject is like a rat sack because it makes you haemorrhage from the inside out.

Children’s negative perception of math is overwhelming. R.I.C. Publications echoes the sentiments of Family Education to hep embrace math. It is advisable to present it in an exciting way to avoid anxiety with the subject and help them be inspired.

Here are a few tips to help your kids get excited about math:

Use Math Daily

Encourage children to solve problems regarding math outside school. You can take the kids to a grocery store, for instance, and ask them to estimate the price of two or three boxes of cereals. You can also ask them to figure out how much time you need to get to the destination based on your speed. By incorporating simple mathematical concepts every day, you can improve their skills and confidence in the subject.

Play Math Games

There are different games children can play that involve math. You can teach your kid to play chess. The game has relatively simple rules that can help build analytical and thinking skills. Other examples include dominoes, checkers or backgammon. Buying them Lego is also a good idea, as it can help them conceptualise complex abstractions with small basic parts.

Pay Attention to Their Studies

Help your kids do their math homework by checking their work for correct answers and calculations. Ask kids to find out what they don’t understand about the subject and help them solve it. If they struggle to understand a specific lesson or have difficulty keeping up with homework load, ask the teacher for suggestions.

Be a Good Example

Your attitude about math can influence your child’s attitude about the subject. Always show an interest or positive approach in math. Tell your kids the many ways you use the subject in your daily habits. You can also point out the importance of the subject in different fields such as medicine, engineering, architecture and others.

Learn to introduce math concepts with much enthusiasm and a little pressure. The more you enjoy numbers and calculations, the more your children can be inspired and motivated to learn.

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wall plasterAre you bored of your bare walls? Buy a tub of plaster and give your room an upgrade! There are endless ways this versatile tool can be an interior decorator’s dream. For now, here are four of them:

Classic Stucco

Give your walls a rough makeover and give the once smooth surface a stucco finish. It makes the room look more rustic and glamorously classical. It can even make your space luxurious and upscale. The stucco technique is good for indoor and outdoor walls.

Etch a Pattern

With so many different wall treatments around, simply choosing a paint colour or wallpaper is very unimaginative. Instead of buying decals to add aesthetic to your bare walls, experts from Gyprock suggest using a plaster to add an artistic and unique flare to wall patterns. The plaster can help you create texture and depth to the pattern, making your walls a conversation piece.

Industrial Finish

In this era of minimalism, less is certainly more. Plenty of modern homeowners choose not to paint over their bare, plastered walls at all! They like the colour of polished plaster and cement, giving character and edge to their space. If you have interesting pieces you want to display, this is a great alternative to spending so much on wall treatments.

An Art Material

If you have a particularly strong sense of artistic flair, you can use plasters to create three dimensional decals for your walls. Fashion anything from a tree with multiple branches to a reinterpretation of your favourite painting. Plasters are mouldable and versatile, so you can turn them into anything and decorate your walls.

Who says wall renovations should cost you a fortune? The secret to beautiful, unique homes is creativity and ingenuity. You can upgrade your space and make it more like you without breaking your bank.

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house and landCranbourne is a picturesque suburb of Melbourne, lying 45 kilometres southeast of the Melbourne central business district. It is part of the Greater Cranbourne Area, consisting of four other suburbs, located in the North, South, East, and West. In the south is the Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, which opened in 2006 and had attracted a record 15,000 visitors on opening day. This is arguably the best tourist destination in the area.

Peaceful Cranbourne and its outlying towns are popular for its temperate, mild climate, making the purchase of house and land packages in Cranbourne a sound idea for those looking down to settle. Here are some of them:

1. Crystal World

Crystal World is a storehouse of rocks, minerals, and meteorite fragments from all over the country, with some quarried from around the world. They have thousands of kinds of rocks, which can be bought as souvenirs, or if you have a business, for wholesale. Visitors can also find fossils and amber in the Crystal World storehouse, or have tea in the garden overlooking their collection.

2. Casey Race

Casey Race is a combination of an aquatic centre, gym, and an indoor pool. There are several kinds of these in Casey Race: a 50-metre lap pool, an 8-lane lap pool, a toddler’s pool, a leisure pool, and a pool catered to first-time swimmers. The children’s pool also features waterslides. For parents who want to enjoy quality time while their children are frolicking, there is a gym overlooking the kiddy pool, and a café for those who appreciate the quiet.

3. The Shed

The Shed is an indoor skate park that accommodates skaters of all skill levels, from beginners to advance. The Shed is also the biggest of its kind in the country, designed not only to have room for skaters, but also for the audience. The Shed has a retail store as well, and offers workshops and training camps.

4. Bowland

Bowland is an indoor, ten pin bowling alley, also boasting a bar and a café. The alley has 24 lanes in total, and visitors can try their hand at the Zone Amusement to win prizes.

Wherever your heart is — from games to romping in the water or the more intellectual pursuits — Cranbourne area has much to offer for those looking for a break from the bustle of city life.

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windowShutters remain a popular window treatment today. This is because of its unique style it brings to every area of the house. It is more durable and cost effective than traditional blinds. With so many options available, however, it might be hard to choose the best one for your home.

Different types of shutters

Generally, there are three types of shutters: solid, café style, and plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are popular in Perth, and these usually have slats or louvers that can rotate open and closed to control light levels. To create a more traditional look, go for solid shutters. Café style shutters are the perfect fit for restaurants and cafés. These shutters typically cover the bottom part of the window.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

This type has two sets of shutters, one above the other. You can open each set individually, which provides more flexibility and better light control. This is the best option for large bay windows.

Polyvinyl Shutters

This popular option consists of waterproof materials, which makes it suitable for harsher and wetter environments. Polyvinyl shutters ideal for bathrooms or shower rooms.

Versatility and Home Improvement

The best thing about shutters is you can place them anywhere around the house. You can look for customised services to suit your style and preference. You can get triangular and round shutters, or just any shape and colours you want. You can install shutters on doors and roofs.

Be creative and resourceful. Search online or read home magazines for more ideas. You can consult your service provider for better modifications and other requirements you need. While these shutters are known for its durability, proper maintenance is still essential.

Over the years, many homeowners prefer installing window shutters than blinds. Truly, there are many advantages of adding this feature. Look for the right shutter that would enhance the appeal of your residence.

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houseIn case you have a family member with disability, it will be a smart and considerate move to modify your home. A handicap-accessible home is important in promoting the safety of your disabled family member. It also helps them become independent.

Converting your home into something that corresponds to the needs of your disabled loved ones requires proper planning. The first thing you need is to spot the areas your family member finds hard to access. Keep reading to learn more about how you can improve these spaces.

The Yard

The yard should have a level and clear path. Instead of placing plants in big pots along the path, go for climbing plants, so there will be no obstructions for your family member who uses a wheelchair. If there are elevated sections of the yard, especially the paths leading to the patio, build a wheelchair ramp. Make sure the surfaces are smooth to prevent slips and trips.

The Entrance

There should also be a ramp leading to the house’s entry. The doorways should be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. When it comes to doors, make sure the thresholds are leveled properly to make the entrance of the wheelchair or cane users easier. Place the door knobs lower than usual, so wheelchair users can access them.

The Bathroom

Reputable plumbers, such as PerryPlumbing.com, recommend the installation of certain equipment to prevent accidents and maximize comfort. You may install walk-in tubs and comfort-height toilets. There should be easy-turn faucets, handheld shower heads, and sturdy grab bars.

The Stairs

Using the stairwell can be a frightening experience for persons with disability. If your budget allows it, build a lift or install a stairway lift. Make sure your family member can easily get on and off the seat. There should also be some safety features, such as straps, belts or handles.

A beautiful home is nothing if its design doesn’t correspond to the needs of the dwellers. This truth speaks volumes if you have a disabled family member.

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sinkMost people don’t realise how a simple clog can affect their residential plumbing system. They tend to ignore the signs and fail to act until problems worsen and cause further damage to the system. Prevention is your best option, but when you find your drains blocked, you need to make the right move.

You have two options when it comes to unblocking your drains. The manual method is the most common way to remove materials that accumulated in the pipes. The modern approach, which involves the use of high-pressure jet and other innovative equipment, is a product of technological advancement. These methods have their own advantages, but work for the same purpose: to clear blocked drains. Industry specialist Hilton Plumbing notes that these options will help homeowners choose the one that will work best for their plumbing system.

Clearing Drains the Traditional Way

Long before innovative drain cleaning equipment arrive on the market, homeowners devise ways to remove clogs from their drainage pipes. They use hot water to soften materials that clung to the walls of pipes connecting the water source with the sinks. Most people, however, leave the job to expert plumbers who use a mechanical rodding machine to solve the problem. This is a more reliable option, as it effectively targets and removes food and other particles from the pipes. The manual method is highly effective when dealing with minor blockages that don’t call for a more powerful and advanced solution.

Modern Day Drain Cleaning

In some cases, such as when tree roots have entered the pipes and caused the blockage, high-pressure cleaning would be more effective. By applying pressure of up to 5000psi, water jet machines can quickly break down hardened materials. Some plumbers even use CCTV cameras to locate the source of drainage problems and identify the right clearing method.

There are different ways to clear blocked drains in your residential or commercial property. It’s ideal to hire professional drain cleaning services to ensure reliable and lasting results. With careful assessment, experts will know exactly what’s happening inside your drainage pipes and use the best method to solve the issues.

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housesBuying a home is a major decision that will affect your future. It is probably the biggest purchase of your life. When you consider these facts, it’s easy to see why a good relationship with your agents is so important; they have the skill, contacts, and experience necessary to help you get your dream home, hopefully at below market price.

Whether they are from Ashfield or Chatswood, good real estate agents are people, too, and following these simple rules will ensure that you get the best service possible.

  1. Be professional – This means that you should keep your appointments with them and always be on time. If you can’t make it to an appointment, be sure to message them ahead of time; there’s nothing more annoying to them than a client that consistently wastes the hours they reserve. Treat them like you would your dentist or lawyer, and value their time.
  2. Don’t call at late hours – Your agent knows that you are very excited, and they will do their best to be accommodating, but there are limits. Remember that they also have lives and families of their own. Unless it’s a genuine emergency, try to leave that call for tomorrow.
  3. Be upfront about your preferences – Letting your agent know early on about the kind of house you want is beneficial for both of you. Provide as much information as you can about your current and future needs, and they will be able to show you homes that are appropriate. Be honest about your price range, listen to your agent’s advice, and you’ll find your dream home surprisingly fast.
  4. Tell them where you are in the process – It’s perfectly understandable if you aren’t ready to buy yet. Maybe you’re waiting for a few more months to sort things out, or you’re not quite financially stable at the moment. Regardless, you should let your agent know about your plans. This will allow them to show you more appropriate homes for the time frame.
  5. Ask if something is unclear – Communication is vital, and this goes both ways. If there’s anything you want to know, don’t be afraid to ask them before making a decision. This can prevent any misunderstandings or missed opportunities.

Your real estate agent is your partner, and if everything goes well, both of you will soon be celebrating the purchase of your dream home.

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reliable virtual assistantHome based jobs are a growing trend among the working class. It holds great appeal for many reasons. As many people today may not be amenable to regular working hours, the flexibility of home-based jobs makes it appealing.

More than being appealing to employees, though, it offers many benefits for employers, as well. Businesses are starting to depend on work from home employees. After all, it saves you the trouble of having to rent office space. You get flexibility in terms of employment conditions, and it is a cost-effective way of filling out your roster.

Here is a closer look at some of the most important benefits home employees can give to your business:

Flexible Employment Terms

As an employer, you want to make as many cost-effective decisions as you can. Hiring home-based employees offers you the opportunity for flexibility. You can hire a quality virtual assistant for only the period when you will need them. This also reduces the effects of contractual obligations.

Virtual Office Space

You do not need to have a physical base of operations. You can operate from different locations that are most convenient for your employees. This is especially attractive to people who want to avoid the hectic rush hour traffic. On your end, you save resources because there is no need to set up an appropriate workplace for them.

Virtual Connectivity

Through the Internet, you can connect with different levels of your team. This provides an atmosphere that is more conducive to productivity. As employees are able to work in environments most convenient for them, the level of output is increased. While everyone works at their own pace, you get to monitor progress to be sure that you meet deadlines.

Keep these benefits in mind. Hiring home-based employees to fill out your staff is a good way to balance productivity and cost-saving measures. Your employees will work at optimum levels and your business will thrive in the end.

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